Smartphones and mobile technology can transform how you do business. Phones and apps make it easy to communicate with team members, get banking done, and deliver targeted sales promotions to customers. Using your smartphone for these tasks can save you money too, when compared to paying for a traditional office and full-time staff.

Advanced apps and fast processors can automate mundane tasks. You can spend more time marketing your products and growing sales. Explore new ways to improve your business using mobile technology.

Reach More Customers

Upgrade your marketing plan with mobile solutions like SMS text messaging to keep in touch with customers. Build programmatic email campaigns on your cell phone too. Most top email providers offer mobile apps to build, schedule, and send email based on user website interactions. Mobile advertising also supports location-based marketing triggers. Reach your customers with push notifications when they are near your store to increase foot traffic.

Increase Sales

Make your products simple to use and grow your sales. Encourage repeat business with mobile event tickets and electronic loyalty cards. Your customers are less likely to lose their cell phone than a paper ticket or plastic card. Offer text and email marketing opt-in choices during transactions to support your mobile marketing campaigns. You’ll also save money on production and mailing costs when you provide a mobile loyalty app.

Always Be Ready to Pitch

Image via Flickr by William Hook

You never know when you’ll run into a potential customer. Keep presentations handy with mobile apps such as Keynote. The app makes it easy to make last-minute changes to your slideshows while you’re traveling. Keynote also allows different people to work on a presentation at the same time. You can import data and graphics and create cinematic transitions right on your smartphone to create an eye-catching display.

Choose a mobile phone with advanced features and processing speed, like the iPhone X, to support your mobile business activities. The iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chip is 25% faster than the A10 fusion chip found in older iPhones. You’ll save time also when you use Face ID to unlock your phone and authenticate business purchases and apps.

To make the most of the iPhone X’s power, make sure it’s on a lightning-fast network. Consider an iPhone X from T-Mobile. OpenSignal recently published a report naming T-Mobile as the fastest 4G LTE nationwide network. An unlimited talk, text, and data plan will keep up with your business needs at an affordable price.

Save Time When Banking

You don’t have to be tied to your laptop to get your banking done. Mobile apps take online banking into the fast lane. Pay bills, deposit checks, and transfer money with just a few taps and swipes.

Set up vendors ahead of time to make bill paying fast and easy. Use your phone’s camera to snap images of checks and deposit them from anywhere. End trips to the bank and stop wasting time waiting in the teller line.

Connect your bank account to PayPal or an accounting app that lets you send invoices and reminder notices via email. You’ll save on printing and postage costs when you deliver documents electronically.

Update Your Website or Blog

When inspiration strikes, you want to update your website or post a new blog right away. Top website providers including WordPress, Blogger, Wix, and Weebly offer mobile apps. Don’t wait until you get back to the office to get your ideas live on your website. Just open the app to make changes on-the-go. WordPress allows you to post blogs by email also.

Collaborate With Partners Around the Globe

Productive teams don’t have to be tied to one office location. Mobile technology allows you to work with the best employees and partners no matter where they are. Collaborate with the team anywhere using your mobile phone with cloud storage and apps.

Smartphones are transforming everyday business functions and creating new ways to reach customers and grow sales. Increase your productivity with apps and mobile marketing techniques. Power your business with an iPhone X and the fastest 4G LTE network from T-Mobile.