Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant procedure for boosting your rankings in search results, and It makes your reach possible to more clients. It’s a well-known fact that SEO takes care of business.

Indeed, SEO spend in the U.S. is set to reach $79.3 billion by the end of 2021. Organizations who execute SEO rank higher in search results, see more web traffic, and lastly, generate more income.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to know why Search engine optimization is the most effective marketing strategy. However, Before using SEO, many people want to know how long it takes for SEO to work?

In this article, we will discuss why businesses use SEO, how long you have to wait for SEO to work and what you can expect from the SEO.

People like immediate results in this modern era, and they don’t want to wait for better results. Businesses nowadays want profits as soon as possible.

The same is the case with an SEO campaign.

When people start to invest in SEO, they probably know what the results can be, but they want the results right away. Maybe that is the reason people ask, “how long does it take for SEO to work?”

Unlike the Pay-Per-Click that works instantly, an SEO campaign can take some time to give results. This means it is not possible for you to see the website in the first position on the day one you have started SEO. Moreover, it is also not possible to see a boost in your customers’ number in the first week of SEO, and your income is not going to hit the records in just a few days. Yet, you have to wait around 6-8 months depending on the niche market you are targeting. How competitive it is to see the results, and these results can be beyond your expectations too. The best SEO campaign can help you to attract potential customers and generate leads and sales.

Why Does Seo Take Long To Work?

Before google ranks your page, it goes through multiple checkpoints such as;

  • They check how relevant is your page to the users intent
  • The information you mentioned on your page is reliable or not?
  • Is there any overstuffing of the keyword
  • Speed of the page to load.
  • Number of backlinks on your page.

After assessing all this information, google decides to rank your page accordingly. Google wants to give their users with most relevant page to ensure the best user experience. The more you put relevant information, the higher are the chances for your page to rank.

It is difficult to give the exact time and amount of customers your business will start to receive. Time totally depends on your keyword selection, business competition, and how Google sees your website content.

Business owners who want quick results are not the fan of SEO techniques, however, those who can wait for 4-6 months for real results are a good fit to grab this opportunity (SEO).

What Happens In These 6 Months?

The first thing you do is search for a good SEO agency like KOFA SEO Agency and decide by looking at their previous campaigns. You have to determine how successful they were in the past to evaluate how they can benefit you. Time is also important in this field because if a company wastes your 6 months, you have to start again, and it will take 6 months again. So, before deciding on the right company, you have to see their previous records.

Below we have mentioned what agencies do as soon as they get the project. 


This is the first step towards your ultimate goal because to start; the SEO agency needs to gather every piece of information about your business to identify the competitors, niche, and keywords that belong to the industry. All this information will be necessary for the agency to sculpt your campaign.

Audit of the website

The agency conducts an audit on the information that is already on the page and how it can be modified to reach more people.

Keyword Research And Planning

Keyword research is extremely important because this is what your audience will search in the google search engine. Therefore, they have to hunt for keywords that are unique and mostly searched by the audience.

Website Alteration 

This process mainly begins in the second month since the SEO is started. In this process, the SEO agency you hired will make multiple changes in the website and technically handle the things in order to rank your page higher in the search. These changes are the result of the Website audit they conducted in the first month. For instance, the pictures on your website don’t have good tags on them; in this phase, they will correct the mistakes you have made in the past and update them to ensure a good ranking.

Changes Design 

SEO is the complete code. Therefore, it makes it easy for the customers in all ways to increase the reach. In this phase, the SEO agency will make your website easier to open on smartphones and make sure it looks changes on the desktop.

Keyword Selections 

There will be a huge list of keywords due to the research conducted in the first month. Now the company will narrow the list down and select the keywords they want to target and the keywords that have good potential to rank.

Keyword selection is a bit tricky, and it depends on the agency if they select long-tail keywords or generic keywords. While everyone uses generic keywords, companies nowadays hunt for long-tail keywords specific to the niche and need. These words include phrases that are long and specific.

Uploading Content 

As the keywords are important, likewise is the content important. The content is considered the backbone of SEO, yet they need to be written very carefully. In this phase, the agency will ask their article writers to write articles for them, and they will provide them with the list of keywords and key phrases that should be included in the article. Normally the content on exactly one thing will be around 2000 words, and writers need to take care that the content is without any mistake, relevant, and there is no overstuffing of the keywords. Google goes through all your content and then decides to rank it or not. Therefore, article writers are trained to put the information that searchers might want to see.

A few years back, to rank the article, people used to overstuff the keyword, and they tried to use them as many times as they can. However, Google is much smarter now, and they have started to de-rank those articles that are overstuffed with the keywords.

Technical Fixes 

You have already entered the 4th month of the process, and now you will start to see some fruit in terms of traffic. You will be able to see some improvements in ranking too. However, the job is not over yet. The agency will continuously keep on fixing technical bugs in order to make the site 100% perfect for the traffic.

The agency also continuously adds content to the website, so the things stay in the circle. Agency might also talk to the other companies to backlink your page in their website to increase the website’s reach and reliability.

Attaching social media

If your social media was already not connected to the website, they would most probably link your website to the social media, and they might handle your social media presence too.

Evaluating current results

Your SEO agency will make a report in the sixth month to show you how the traffic is increasing on your website. They will use tools like google analytics to show you how your campaigns are doing so far.


Do not frustrate if you can’t see the results in this time frame as mentioned in the beginning that there are tons of factors that affect your SEO campaign and it is not easy to rank your website in just a few months. All you need to consider is how much the company can generate for you and how your campaign is doing so far. If you can see the slow and steady progress in the traffic, that’s totally fine because maybe not after 6 months, but after a few more months, you will see your website on the first page of google. However, you need to consider one thing that is mentioned above as well; you should always look for the agency that is perfect in doing SEO. Otherwise, you might waste time as well as money. Therefore, decide smartly on this matter.