What good is a book if it never leaves the shelf or the purpose of art if it is never seen? Search Engine Optimization has been the key to several successful business ventures and I can see why. Visibility is key when it comes to any product being sold or any service offered so it is important to rank high in the search engines so that more customers know you’re there. Google is the master at deciding how relevant your business is to the person searching for the content and may put your listing high or low depending on what it judges as timely and specific to the searcher’s needs.

Learning about SEO can be very confusing especially if you have never taken a marketing class or have no experience. For a more detailed template of SEO, check out this comprehensive SEO Roofing guide to the internet marketing process, from which we learned and crafted many of the points in this article. As a businessperson in the roofing industry, you are an expert in your field! Check out a few tips for your business from the professionals who understand how to market your business on the internet.

Local SEO

Though very similar, Local SEO is very different from normal SEO strategies, but as always are quick to adjust according to timeliness. Local reviews are heavily weighted but the importance of  of NAPs will get you a prime spot in the high level of rankings. NAPs ( Name, Address, Phone Number), are pivotal and need to be on every single page of your website. It is encouraged that your NAP be verbatim each time it is written to ensure consistency and accuracy when typed into a search engine.

According to Search Engine Land, NAPs increases the ranking of a business by 21%. This greatly outshines social media signals such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which comes in at 5.8% and behavioral signals which were only 6.9%. The use of this information just goes to show that it does not matter how many followers you have on social media unlike when it comes to other SEO strategies which may be more virally based.

Local Reviews

It did not take long, but once you get those first couple of reviews in, the rest is just seem to pile up. Forming business relationships is important because it can be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. For example, having a review of your business in the local newspaper and raise your rankings in the search engines. This is because the loyal readers of the newspaper may also need a roof repair job, or you two might share similar buzz words and support each other through back-links.

In a year, I’ve doubled my income

The first few months were a little rough. If you are doing your own marketing, you better understand what you’re getting yourself into. Intensive research, trial and error and also persistence are key when it comes to creating a business model that will work for your roofing company. However, in my opinion SEO should work for all businesses as it improves visibility to the consumer and gets your product or service in their hands.