The gaming consoles that we use today bear little resemblance to their forebears. Gaming consoles now feature HD capabilities, internet connectivity, and artificial intelligence—a far cry from the Nintendo and similar consoles of the eighties and nineties. All this development made pc vs console a hot topic in the current gaming market. 

In this post, we’ll track the improvements made over the lifetime of gaming consoles. 


The first consoles that came out look positively primitive today. It used only eight bits of memory with graphic capabilities that were sorely limited. Today’s consoles use at least 32-bit graphics and significantly higher processing power. They also play 2D and 3D graphics simultaneously to create a realistic picture. 

Artificial Intelligence

When Big Blue beat Gary Kasparov at chess in the nineties, it was the end of an era. It also gave us our first inkling of what artificial intelligence could mean for gameplay. Today, AI is used in games to provide a more realistic experience.

For example, online casinos such as SCR888 use a simple form of AI in a random number generator. It creates a more realistic experience when playing the slots since AI replaces the mechanics of a live slot machine. 

That’s basic stuff when you compare it to the capabilities of AI within gaming consoles. AI enables the console to make adjustments for your gameplay. Instead of playing against a predictable algorithm, you play against an opponent that’s closer to a human mind. 

Network Capability

The first types of consoles allowed for multi-player modes, but both players had to play on the same console. The ability of modern consoles to connect to the internet changed the game and gameplay significantly.

Thanks to these developments, players have access to thousands of other players. You can communicate in-game and make friends. Improvements in internet tech make it possible for seamless gaming.

Another advantage of internet connectivity in games is that you have better access. You are able to buy games online and store the products in the cloud. With services like Steam, there’s no need to worry about losing disks again. 

Products like the Xbox Game Pass allow you to pay a reasonable monthly subscription fee to play Microsoft games. It’s a great way to try new games before committing to a purchase.

AI comes into the equation here as well. AI analyzes your gaming history and purchases and uses the information to suggest new games that you might enjoy.

Change In-Game Controllers

Once upon a time, you had to set up your console and hope that the controller cords were long enough for you to get comfortable. Today, you can find wireless controllers that solve this issue. 

Controllers have also become more high-tech. It is now highly responsive and includes motion sensors. 

When consoles first came out, you needed to know the right sequence of buttons to push to make your game character perform. Today, it’s simpler thanks to motion control sensors. 

Some games even allow you to use voice commands. 

The Future Of Consoles

We haven’t even touched on virtual reality or augmented reality. In the future, we can expect even more seamless gameplay. 

Will we see a day when you can control the games through thought alone? It’s not outside of the realm of possibility considering the technology already on hand.