Search engine optimization is the one thing that every internet based marketer should know. Not only those who deal with internet marketing, but also those who want to have a significant web presence. SEO is one way that you can recognize. Like everything else on the web, SEO has changed over the past years. What could get you noticed then is not what can get you noticed now? Allows us to take you through the SEO changes in the past years.

Tracking SEO Changes

Everything changes, just like how we moved from arcades to New Zealand casino games. In the same manner, SEO has changed too.

Type of Content

All along people could get away with dodgy content as long as they had the keyword. That as a result led to keyword stuffing. Google, however, now demands the content to be quality. This meaning that the once keyword stuffing that could you to the top will be the same thing to drag you to the bottom today.

Blackhat Links

Links have always been important to Google SEO. People, however, managed to create fake links, as there was no set definition as to what a link was. This also changed as Google started penalizing websites for fake links.

User Experience

Throughout the years, content creators created content that was robotic. That is to the content had no flow to it, it was as is it was created by robots. However, now Google takes pride in user experience, sites like they update their content every now and the. As a result of the end user now has a great influence on whether your site will rank or not.

Optimize for Mobile

Everything is now changing from just desktop suitable to mobile suitable. This is because scores of Google users browse more with their smartphones than they do with their desktops. As a result, the content that is created now needs to rank for mobile searches as well for desktop searches.