With a lot of us stuck indoors the past year or so, it’s no surprise that there has been a huge increase in the number of tech enthusiasts who have turned to their own home setups for a new project: creating their own server.

There has been a huge increase in the demand for server hardware and software, and as a result, self-sufficient servers are being set up in both home and professional environments all across the world. 

It isn’t too difficult to set up your own server, as long as you know exactly what you want to use the server for and where you can get the right hardware and software for it. 

If you’re thinking of setting up your own home server, or maybe you want to dabble in improving the server management at your place of work, then keep reading to find out more about servers and setting them up!

What do you need to set up your own server?

Depending on the size and the extent of the server that you’re wanting to set up, sometimes you can run a server from just a computer. Other times, if you’re wanting to centralise your server to support your own home network, it’s best to use specific server-based hardware to ensure that you’re able to run the capacity of the server. 

In addition to the computer and the server tower, you’ll also need a stable internet connection, preferably a wired one over a wireless connection, and a network router to go with it as well. If you’re using the server to connect multiple devices across your home, then it’s probably better for you to have WiFi repeaters on hand as well. 

If you’re struggling to find a good retailer where you can get all of these components for servers, ETB Tech is a website that you should look at. Not only are they providers of new equipment, but they also specialise in refurbished equipment too, meaning that you can get what you’re looking for, at pretty much the same quality but for a lower price.

Considering the pandemic’s impact on small businesses, a lot of workplaces that were utilising servers and the associated equipment resold their kit to retailers like ETB. As a result, second-hand retailers are now able to cater for the huge boost in tech enthusiasts who have turned their heads towards server building for the first time!

Is setting up your own server only for professionals?

Server set-up and just having a server, in general, is definitely not limited to professionals and in fact, should be encouraged amongst everybody that lives in a household with more than one computer.

It can be extremely useful in emergencies and unprecedented situations when used as a backup data server. Similarly, storing your data on a server can allow you extra storage space, which can be brilliant if you’re a family that has tons of home videos and photos to keep safe!

To answer the question, no, setting up your own server is definitely not something that should be reserved only for those who are experts in the tech field. Even if you’re an enthusiastic gamer, having your own server at home can be extremely helpful for maintaining gameplay performance and storing your saved game data without clogging up your PC memory.


Why should you set up your own server?

All in all, there’s so much to gain from setting up your own server. If you’re entirely new to the game, then understandably, you might need a bit of help getting set up for the first time. Once you’ve completed your set-up, however, it’ll make file sharing, streaming and general hosting online so much easier for you and your household. 

With so many different ways to create your own server, whether big or small, it really is something that everyone can benefit from. 

Whether you’re a digital creative working from home, or a full-time gamer, or maybe even just a casual Netflix viewer, having a server can be extremely beneficial. With the capacity to optimise storage & computer usage, servers are a must-have for any computer user!