We live busy lives which often means that there are things that distract us or cause us stress. Not only is long-term stress bad for our health, but it doesn’t make us feel great short term either.  There are different ways to deal with stress and tackling what is causing us to feel that way is definitely a good way to go. However, outside of that being able to relax and switch off is good for our mental health too – and computer games can really help with that.

You Can Switch off and Relax

Being able to switch off and relax when we’re stressed about something is really difficult. When it comes to gaming, the great thing about picking up a games console controller when we’re feeling like this is that computer games have plenty of things to keep us distracted. When we’re concentrating on completing a mission or beating an enemy, we don’t have much more room in our minds for the worries of everyday life.

Get Rid of Anger and Tension

There are hundreds of different computer games out there which means that whatever type of game you enjoy, there will be something to suit you. Many people find that completing a fast-paced mission and fighting a monster or two in a game is a great way to release tension.

It’s Like a Workout

Tiring out our bodies is one of the best ways to relax – and ensure that we get a good night’s sleep, which is helpful, long-term too. Betway Insider recently looked at popular computer games and how many calories gamers played whilst enjoying them. You might be surprised to know that in just 90 minutes many computer games burned nearly 200 calories. In fact, if you want to burn 194 calories you can choose to play Fortnite for an hour and a half or complete 353 squats – we know which we’d choose.

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Releases Dopamine

Both exercising and doing things that we enjoy helping our body to release Dopamine – otherwise known as the happiness hormone. This hormone helps us to feel happy and relaxed and if you enjoy computer games it’s the ideal way to encourage your body to release some.

A Break From the Real World

There are plenty of occasions when we feel like we need a break from everyday life. Sometimes we just want to step back for a couple of hours and not worry about the washing up or how we’re going to afford the next bill that comes in. Whatever computer game you play, it gives you the chance to step out of your life for a little bit and enjoy an alternative reality – which can only be a good thing.

Feeling relaxed and reducing stress levels is essential for our mental health and feeling good. This isn’t always as easy as you might think, but computer games and other hobbies that you enjoy are a big step in the right direction and something that you should make sure you make more time to do as often as possible.