Given the 98% open rate for SMS compared to just 20% for emails, we would say text message marketing is pretty effective. If your message has reached the inbox and is optimised for mobile, you have successfully engaged a consumer and maximised the converting prospects.

Yes, that’s how effective text message marketing is. SMS marketing’s capability of generating revenue with minimum investment is just waiting to be capitalised. 

You have a message!

The pandemic has taught businesses that they have to reach the consumer if they want to drive sales and generate revenue. And where is the consumer? Regardless of the generation they belong to, the consumer keeps faithfully close to their mobile devices. According to Statista, 80% of the Australian population will be using a smartphone by 2023 which is 21.1 million users across the country. This is too good an opportunity to miss in terms of marketing.

The preference for SMS in mobile marketing

Text messages have a spectacular rate of engagement that can hardly be matched by any other marketing medium. There are many other advantages to text message marketing:

  1. It allows a business to track the whole conversion process providing detailed analytics.
  2. It gives brands power to leverage interactive content and excel at driving sales.
  3. It has immense potential for creativity in devising short, sweet, and to the point messages.
  4. It has insanely fast delivery and response time that will raise your click-through-rate within minutes of launching a campaign.
  5. It will allow for tailored messages with higher personalisation options.
  6. It is very cost-effective for a business and easy for the consumer.

Many retailers increased their SMS marketing investments by 56% in 2020 alone. The use of text messages SMS has seen a rapid growth in various customer communication applications, such as customer support and transactional messages, apart from marketing.

Text messages are received happily

Text messages have evolved so much over the years. 75% of consumers welcome marketing offers and news via text message from their favorite brands, which is why SMS text messaging is not considered spammy. You can implement text blast campaigns to send a text message to all of your contact list at once, and the message is received individually so that every recipient feels like they’re the only recipient. People want to receive texts and are happy to receive promotion offers, discounts, vouchers, new product notifications, etc. 

The major reason why advertisement bombardment does not work is because it is unwanted or uninvited. This factor is what works against ads in social media timelines. However, text messages are for the most part opted in, they are reaching an audience interested in your business offers. Subscribing is a great advantage because it ensures that you have a good prospective customer and a quality lead. It essentially means that the consumer is most likely to convert with promotional offers. 

Develop a text message marketing tactic

Businesses need to develop and closely audit their SMS marketing strategies. From the types of messages to be sent to frequency and length, embracing the best practices and business applications can grow your marketing lists. 

A recent consumer study has found that 71% Australians are likely to respond to text messages if they found it useful. Don’t wait to leverage more engaging ways to target your audience. Partner with premium SMS services in Australia and gain an edge.