Everyone wants to have their dream PC or upgrade to a better version of the features that already exist. However, there is one component that acts as a foundation – Motherboard. It is one of the essential PC puzzles that determine the performance of the computer. Even though Motherboards are not directly responsible for the performance, they allow you to use the PC to its full potential. Hence, it is crucial to choose a motherboard carefully.

A processor contributes in a great way in deciding the performance of your PC. It performs most of your work, including typing, encoding, encrypting, browsing, gaming, etc. Hence, checking the compatibility of your processors with motherboard should be at the top of your priority list, especially if you’re upgrading your PC. For instance, if you have a PC with i7 7700K processor and you want to upgrade your PC, it is vital to have the best motherboard for i7 7700k to ensure that it’s compatible with the processor.

In this guide, we are going to tell how to decide whether a motherboard is compatible with i7 7700K processor or not.

Factors to look for when deciding the compatibility of i7 7700K:


Chipsets are the small logical component that controls the overall working of the CPU. They are responsible for the connectors available in PC inside and out. Usually, motherboards are known by the chipsets, and they are upgraded frequently. There are a lot of chipsets available in the market & everyone possesses different features. Z-series are known as the best for gaming and video editing experiences as it delivers cooling solutions and handles overclocking efficiently.

Z3720 motherboards allow the feature of supporting i7-7700K and basically known as seventh-generation processors. Following are the list of series supported by the motherboards for i7-7700k.

  • B-Series: B-Series motherboard servers the basic functionalities, but they do not support overclocking. However, it is appreciated for allowing the high-frequency RAM sticks like XMP support and suitable for professional purposes. They perform efficiently, especially during multitasking. Any business processor that is B360 or above is eligible and compatible with i7-7700K.
  • H-Series: H-Series is, however, smaller and less powerful to the Z-Series. It does not provide any Operation capabilities like PCIe-Lane, but the H-Series offer more than any variance that supports B-Series. The H270 are just compatible with the 7th generation chipset module. And their advance series like H370 and H310 motherboards are highly suitable for the 9th generation module as well.
  • Q-Series: Q-series are more advanced motherboard series that are rare to be found. They usually accompany with the OEM PCs. Their features are similar to the B-Series but at an advanced level. They support business applications and high-end software. They provide connectors and ports as attributes for the motherboards. These Q-series chipsets are customizable, making them user-friendly and suitable for customer-oriented motherboards. However, the price varies with the features; the chipset made for business purposes are higher in cost.


The sixth generation of all the Intel Processors is used for the LGA-1151 socket. The motherboards supporting sixth-generation processors are now suitable for the seventh generation also. It is seen that most of the 100-Series motherboards are used for the sixth-generation processors. But if the manufacturer has the option for BIOS update, then you might consider buying them. Because BIOS update allows you to upgrade from the sixth generation to the seventh-generation directly like i7-7700K.

For instance, consider the case of Z370 and 2390 series. The core i7-8700k is supported by the motherboard in Z390. However, this has led to the new direction of working with the 9th generation processors. There is a notable difference between the Z370 and Z390. The advance Z390 series is featured with USB 3.1 and built-in Wi-Fi.


The Intel and AMD are the two crucial companies who produce CPU, and their motherboards have been proven to be the best motherboards due to their guaranteed performance. As the entry-level CPUs, they have different motherboards that only support productivity, operations and web browsing, low-end gaming. But with the i7-7700K, they have come up with various features that support both everyday purposes and also business applications. Importantly, they are widely accepted by the people because of their affordable prices.

Both companies provide the updates timely and hence become trustworthy in the market. Also, they have launched 8th generation processors with the appropriate motherboards. Their architecture is multi-core and can easily upgrade as per your needs. Once you have decided which one of them is best for you, picking the motherboard independently becomes easy as the right socket and chipset is available on default and can be suitable for the motherboards that you are opting.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for the right motherboard that is compatible with Core i7-7700K processor, then you might check for Z series such as Z270. It will not overclock your processor with K as the variant. You can also check for the series with B and H as they make it more comfortable for the personal use. Before you start purchasing, think about your needs. Suppose, if you only want it for gaming and other personal uses, then sticking to H series make more sense with Core i7-7700K. But if you are looking for more than gaming and browsing like business applications, then choose B or Q series.