Working with WordPress is a real joy for building a website from scratch, editing, formatting, and adding content. The fact is that for a free, open-source webpage builder, the number of features, plugins, and overall functionality is absolutely stunning. Something you might be interested in learning is how to duplicate a page in WordPress.

If you are wondering about duplicating a WordPress page, instead of just copying and pasting the content onto a new page manually, it can save a lot of time. By duplicating a page, you won’t lose all of your SEO and other formatting, like you would by copying and pasting.

If you have duplicate pages and need to get rid of one, this is just as easy to do. We want to discuss how to remove identical posts in WordPress and why you might want to do so in the first place.

Why Delete Duplicate Pages?

You might be wondering why deleting a duplicate post is important. There are a few reasons why you should consider deleting duplicates.

First off, if you have a great looking website, and then your visitors notice that you have two identical or nearly identical pages, it’s just not going to look good or authoritative. If you are trying to be an authority in a specific field or want to sell a product or service, having duplicate pages that visitors can clearly see will not inspire confidence in you.

If you need to edit the page, you may end up editing the wrong one if you are in a hurry – if you have two of them. It’s not the end of the world, but who has time to waste?

WordPress, of course, uses servers, and everything on your website has to load. The more content you have on your site, the longer those servers will take to load your site. This means that it takes longer for WordPress to load on your end, so you can make changes, and it also causes longer loading times for people visiting the site. If you know anything about website visitors, fast loading time is vital.

The other reason why it is not a good idea to have duplicate pages is SEO reasons. Google does not like seeing the same content duplicated across multiple pages. Having duplicates is going to negatively impact your SEO rating.

How to Delete a Duplicate Page in a Few Steps

To delete those duplicate WordPress pages, follow the steps outlined below. As you are about to find out, the process is straightforward, and it should take only a few minutes.

  1. Download and install the WordPress plugin called “Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types Spreadsheet.”
  2. Once this plugin is installed, open up the spreadsheet that you will use to edit and remove the duplicate page. For pages, go to the sheet editors and select “Edit Pages.” You will see all of your pages neatly displayed on a spreadsheet.
  3. Before you remove the duplicate, to avoid having visitors see a 404 error for the missing page, you first need to download and install the “Redirection” plugin. This plugin will automatically create a 301 direction, so if people visit the duplicate, they will automatically be redirected to the appropriate page.
  4. Within the sheet editor, open up the “bulk edit” tool, which will allow you to delete duplicate pages with just a few clicks.
  5. Within the bulk edit section, first, select the rows you want to update, then the field you want to edit, the type of edit (remove duplicates), and select which of the duplicates you want to delete. Once you have made all of the appropriate selections, click on “Execute Now.” The duplicate page should now be removed.


Deleting a duplicate page is not very hard. Keep in mind that you can follow the steps outlined above to remove duplicate posts. Instead of selecting “edit pages,” select “edit posts,” and then follow the same steps.

You don’t want duplicate pages or posts on your site -it doesn’t look good to visitors, and it isn’t good for your SEO rankings.