From the huge celebrity weddings that everyone is jealous of, to the more intimate ones no one knows about. Celebrities are a significant portion of our lives, and what we choose, it’s not always just as simple as deciding what you like, it’s about having a trendy yet traditional wedding day. They set the foundations for us to create even better days that we love, and they positively impact the choices we make throughout our daily lives. It’s not just when we’re planning a huge day like our wedding. JJ’s House designer, Jessica, has been helping brides create their big day for years and knows her stuff when it comes to having the best ceremony. She’s given us some pointers on how celebrity weddings continue to impact our personal wedding choices so we can create a list of these aspects so you can celebrity-up your wedding if you wish! It’s not for everyone, and we understand that, but it’s always worth seeing what your preferences are and deciding for yourself!

Bigger and Better

This goes without saying for celebrity weddings, everything has to be bigger, and that’s the only way it can be better. There isn’t any doubt that celebrity weddings are some of the most beautiful and overdone weddings around, but they’re proud to have all the touches they do. From huge colorful cakes to the beautiful gowns and bridal dresses, there is no point where the great essence ends. This has led to more brides wanting a bigger wedding, whether that’s the venue or the buffet they provide for their guests – it’s all about presenting your family and friends with the best possible celebration when your ceremony ends, and the marriage begins.

Expensive Dresses

We have already briefly mentioned this aspect of celebrity weddings, but expensive dresses (including designer ones) are always a top pick with celebrity brides. Despite being able to get the cheaper bridal dress (like we would recommend!), more brides are opting for more expensive dresses around. These can be anything from about $13,000 to $40,000+. This is often seen as a scary concept as some couples don’t even spend that large amount on the whole day never mind one dress. If you’re looking for affordable wedding dresses and other wedding clothing, such as bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses for your day and want to save some money, there are plenty of great stores to try!

Colors and More Colors

It’s no secret that celebrities love to put every color into their big day instead of traditional all white or ivory look such as white wedding dresses and white flower girl dresses, and more brides have started doing it since they’re following their choices. Colors are a beautiful way to make your day even better, add some flowers and other aspects then you’re ready to go. The more colors, the better for celebrities and any brides following the trends. It’s not about having a rainbow themed wedding, but the more bright and beautiful the colors are, the more likely people are going to speak about how fabulous you are and how much they loved your wedding. You may opt for blue or pink, but try to stay within the theme you wish and don’t deviate from it too much otherwise you’ll end up with an inconsistent load of colors that don’t work.