Digital technology is becoming seen as a massive benefit within many sports, none more so at present than horse racing. Technological advances are allowing many things to be done within the sport they were never possible before.

Augmented reality is a combination of real life visuals and information from external data sources. The augmented section is produced by digital information which is able to interpret light frequencies that are not visible to the naked eye. This additional visuals that are created can be added to the actual image in a way it isn’t even noticeable. A way this can be used in horse racing is in equine thermography. A camera is used here that can detect infrared waves on the horse’s body, this can help to determine if the horse is too hot for example. Other thermal imaging devices are able to use this same system to detect issues horse’s may have within their muscles, bones and nerves, often before the horse is even showing any symptoms of a problem.

Virtual reality is another form of technology that is now able to exert some influence over the world of horse racing. It provides a tool which horse trainers and vets alike can work with horses. For vets it means that complicated or potentially dangerous surgeries can be practiced in a classroom, enabling mistakes to be minimised and techniques to be perfected. Virtual reality can also be used in horse racing related entertainment now. Virtual reality can also be used to create amazing gaming experiences, that can give players the chance to feel like they are actually riding the horse.

Artificial intelligence provides the opportunity to gather information and data from many different sources, such as sensors within horse racing. These sensors can be worn by the horses and they can they provide data on such things as how the horse is performing when racing, how it is jumping and the speeds it is running at. Other artificial intelligence technology can be used to provide not only analysis of the horses but also the racetracks. It is possible for devices to track the conditions of the course, it’s temperature, humidity etc and can really help trainers and jockeys in their planning.

Blockchain is now regarded as possibly one of the most widely beneficial technologies to business nowadays. It is a database of information contained on a network, whereby digital records can be stored by anyone and the security of the data is guaranteed. In the horse racing industry blockchain can be used to allow horse breeders and potential buyers to store and share information in regards to prices, horse data such as dates of birth, height, weight and injuries, treatments, scientific studies, the best technology available and more. It will enable people to check out a lot of data before they purchase a horse, see the data of horses they will ride against or even look at performance data before betting on a horse to win a race.

Most of us think of horse racing and only see big races like the Grand National and online betting with bookmakers like Betpoint. However, advancements in technology and its adaptability has opened our eyes to many other interesting aspects pertaining to the world of horse racing.