The Republic of Georgia is able to field one of the strongest gambling markets in the world. However, it is safe to say that these companies had it easier compared to other operators around the world. The gambling market’s freedom in Georgia is able to support a very fast growing industry. This is done through unopposed marketing strategies and various events that the companies can hold.

Let’s find out the most effective marketing and PR campaigns that these companies conducted and became the “Celebrity companies of Georgia”.

The beginning of a career

The gambling industry first appeared in Georgia, at the beginning of the 20th century. However, their road to success didn’t start until the 90s. The road was tough as the local population barely had any money to use for gambling activities, therefore some very hard marketing strategies needed to be formed. According to this webpage:, the Georgian gambling operators immediately started targeting foreign customers from neighboring Muslim countries such as Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Over time, the growth was so large that small subsidies and bonuses could be provided for the local population. However, real success didn’t arrive until 2008.

Open Marketing Options

The country does feature a regulatory framework for gambling activities, however, the laws were so forgiving that the companies were able to dominate the marketing industry of the country. Even today, when tourists are on their way to the center of the capital from the airport, they are greeted with dozens of billboard on the way. 95% of those billboards are promoting various casinos in the country.

Thanks to this freedom of operations, every single Digital and Marketing Agency in the country started becoming desperate for a contract with a casino. The reason was that there was no other corporation in the country that could rival the amount of money these gambling operators were willing to pay.

Within just 5 years, Ads for gambling were seen pretty much all around the city. Even TV channels started dedicated precious ad time to the companies, which is unheard of in many countries.

Blogs and movie streaming websites were created exactly for the purpose of promoting these companies, which then further drove the industry forward. However, none of the marketing operations compares to the genius that was one of the Casinos’ PR campaigns.

Working in a Casino

Adjarabet, which is one of the, if not the largest gambling operator in the country started targeting employee satisfaction. The company poured in millions to satisfy their employees’ salary expectations, additional corporate parties, as well as a massive boost to their future careers.

However, it needs to be said that not every casino employee was able to utilize these benefits. Only the people working in the back-office, such as the Development Team and the Marketing Teams were able to reap the benefits.

The reasons were quite simple. In order to conduct those complicated marketing campaigns in the past, the gambling operators needed skilled local labor, which was hard to find. Not wanting to opt for expensive foreign support, multiple gambling operators introduced numerous courses for Programming, Graphic Design, Web Development, and Digital Marketing. Through these courses, they managed to train some of the best Marketers, Designers, and Developers the country is able to field nowadays.

This act sent the message across that “We care for our employees’ development”, which inspired loyalty and devotion. It was a gamble, but it boosted the popularity of these companies even further. To this day, working in a Casino’s back-office is considered one of the most prestigious jobs in the Republic of Georgia.