Optimizing a Search Engine (SEO) is the most important thing for any website owner, because if you have a site and it is not ranked well on the search engine then it is equivalent of having No Site. SEO of your site doesn’t only depend on the quality of content, keywords and Meta description, though they are the key parameter. There are some other things as well which are considered for ranking your page on the search engine. Page loading speed is one of the crucial parameter considered for SEO.

Google has also admitted the fact that loading speed of pages is also important to rank your page in search results of your search engine.CDN(Content Delivery Network) plays an important role in loading speed of your page. Many of us would not have been knowing about CDN and how it affects the SEO part. SO, let’s go through the introduction of CDN first.

What is Content Delivery Network?

Servers are distributed throughout the world, on which the web pages, embedded videos and other web content is stored. On requesting for particular page by client, service is provided by the geographically nearest server. This entire network is known as Content Delivery Network.

Let’s take an example, if you own a Gujarat based website, then it will load faster if the request is made by a client in Rajasthan than a client in West Bengal. More the distance, more the time to load your website will be.


To expand the online business globally, CDN plays a vital role. So, clients can be served within seconds after requesting regardless the distance. If you own an online business, your site needs to respond quickly to all the users across the globe.

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How Do The CDNs Work?

When a user requests certain files from any website, instead of the hosting server, CDN takes care of serving those files to the client. CDN takes the geographical locations of the user from account. The requested objects will be served based on the closest node to the visitor. Thus, data can be provided to the visitors within seconds regardless of the distance between hosting server and visitor.

If the requested object is not found in the nearest node, it will find it out within the CDN. If it doesn’t get found in CDN then it will request to the origin server.

Now, after clearing the concept of CDN let’s come to the main point.

How does it affect the SEO?

CDNs improve the page loading speed which improves the ranking of your site in search engine results. CDNs are not the only thing you should do to improve your SEO. Though as it helps you increase the loading speed of pages, CDN should be seen as the solution to improve SEO.


A survey conducted by top SEO companies revealed that 8 out of 10 sites using a CDN outranked websites that did not have any CDN, and that their loading speeds were slow despite all cache plugins and better servers.

How do CDNs Make Your Website Safer?

Having the webpage load from various servers and from various areas won’t just enhance your website’s health, however again it is a colossal advantage for SEO by expanding the loading speed of your site.

The danger of assault on your site will likewise diminish, in light of the various servers situated in numerous land areas. Having different servers will likewise keep your site from smashing by isolating the loading speed up among the different servers.

Final Verdict

What is Content Delivery Network

In order to increase the loading speed of your site to improve SEO, you should use CDNs. If you have users of your site across the globe, regardless of locality then CDNs are best option to satisfy your users in terms of loading speed.

One more thing I would like to suggest is if your thinking on implementing CDNs for your site then be careful while implementing it or you can also hire an expert to assign this job.

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