Surprisingly, the concept of amateur radio or rather Ham Radio isn’t getting the popularity it deserves, owing to the increased sophistication surrounding other forms of networking and communication. Besides, the Ham radio usage initially termed as a hobby is still relevant when an informal exchange of messages, recreation, and emergency communication is concerned.

Despite the positives pertaining to Ham Radio usage, the usage or rather inclinations have taken a massive hit. However, with CB Radios slowly being considered as the go-to method of emergency communication, the revival of Ham Radio might just be around the corner.

The Emergence of CB Radio

Citizen Band Radio is more like a toned-down and more targeted version of the Ham. Therefore, if you are a hobbyist or an aspiring radio professional, CB is a good start to finally embrace Ham radio in its entirety. Despite Ham Radio being considered an advanced version of the CB radio with a focus on FM communication and lesser noise, every radio enthusiast must start small and understand the concept of communication first, by looking for CB Radios for sale.

Moreover, as the HAM FM spectrum runs far and wide to up to 440MHz, starting with the Citizen Band is expected to be more rewarding for a small-time professional or hobbyist courtesy of the 27MHz spread.

Ease of Using a CB Radio as the Gateway to Ham

Increased inclination towards CB radio is expected to make individuals more receptive to the more widespread concept of Ham Radio. Championing the radio spectrum isn’t easy but the Citizen Band with 40 channels to work with can certainly be a good start. Not to mention the ease and freedom of usage that comes with the CB.

Unlike Ham Radio that comes with several regulations, CB radios can be used by almost any individual. Moreover, there are no prior band assignments to account for in case you are planning to start with CB Radio. Citizen Band is a great asset for handling emergencies and prepares you perfectly for handling short-range communications.

How Citizen Band Prepares You For Ham Radio?

The Ham radio community requires licenses, prior experiences, and adherence to the lingos and etiquettes. This is where a CB radio comes across as a good start as you can immediately consider purchasing one and start communicating with the existing CB community. Besides, with a shorter range, less expensive antenna configuration, and low-power devices to account for, the downtime issues associated with the CB radios are also on the lower side.

Furthermore, regular correspondence via the CB Radio helps you acclimatize better with the radio communication standards, rules, time allotments, and codes. Although the CB AM codes differ from the FM codes pertaining to the Ham Radio, you do get an idea upon using the former.

Ham Radio usage requires you to be a licensed operator and adherence to the strict rules of communication. As intricate as it may sound, you can always start with the Citizen Band Radios to get a head start over the others.