Here you can take part in various tips to get as many bonuses and free spins as possible. Before, you could get recurring offers with bonuses and free spins in the best online casino, but no longer because of the rules in the gaming license.

The easiest way to get a new bonus today in the best online casino is to open an account in a casino where you do not already have an account. New best online casino is also launched regularly where you can get free spins and bonuses, we provide a list for you so you can keep up. Opening a new gaming account is easy and quick thanks to logging in with mobile banking.

Tips for getting new bonuses on the best online casino

The easiest way to get a new bonus at the best online casino is to open an account in a new global casino and in casinos with bankid it takes a couple of minutes. Thanks to bank login, it is no problem to play in many different casinos because you use the same login everywhere. Although not all global casinos offer casino bonuses, there are still many to get because there are over 100 best online casino.

Here you can read about different types of casino bonuses, as well as casinos that offer extraordinary bonuses. Your guide to great bonuses and free spins simply.

With a really good welcome bonus, you have extra great chances of becoming a casino winner.

Free spins on your best online casino

There are many casinos that offer free spins, bonus spins – yes they have many names. In any case, it is many people’s favorite bonus. With these free spins you can spin for free in slot machines, slots, and video slots on your best online casino. You often get free spins along with the welcome bonus. You will find most free spins here.

In the best online casino, it is also common for free spins to be awarded in connection with various promotions and offers. When new games are launched, free spins promotions linked to the new game often appear.

A best online casino will more often than not start with free spins with that have no wagering requirements. In normal cases, the winnings from your spins are transformed into bonus money, which must then be wagered according to the wagering requirements. On the best online casino, however, there are turnover-free spins. These are often called cash spins and with these spins you can extract the winnings from your spins right away. This can truly be called free spins for real and becomes a huge factor when you are looking for the best online casino.

Best online casino: Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is, as you hear from the name, a bonus you get when you register with a your new best online casino. It is there to simply welcome you to the new gaming site and give you a little extra help in the beginning. Of course, it also exists to attract players to the casino as all the websites in the list of best online casino know that bonuses are what attract new players the most. A regular welcome bonus consists of a number of free spins and a deposit bonus on your first deposit.

Welcome bonuses can look very different from casino to casino and there is no clear answer as to which welcome bonus is best which is why everyone has their own best online casino. It simply depends on how you as a player want to use your money. Some players like to deposit large sums at once, while others prefer to deposit only a small penny at a time. Therefore, of course, it differs a little which welcome bonus is best suited.

If you are a person who wants to deposit $20 to play for, it does not help much that your bonus is doubled to a huge amount, but it fits better with a lower maximum ceiling but a higher percentage. If you want to make a small deposit, there are good bonuses where you can get up to 500% extra in bonuses. For you who want to make a large deposit, a bonus of 100% up to $ 200 may be better. Regardless, you will find the best online casino and their bonuses here.

Deposit bonus

The only bonus you can get in casinos with a license are deposit bonuses. This is one you often get in the welcome bonus. When you deposit money into the casino then you get more to play for than your deposit.

A classic example of a deposit bonus is 100 percent up to $ 50. Then your deposit will be doubled up to $ 100. To take advantage of such a bonus to the maximum, you must deposit $20 and thus get $40 to play for. If you instead choose to deposit $ 30, it will be just as much extra and $ 60 available on your gaming account. These bonuses can look a little different with different maximum rates and percentages and are quite important in the race to become the best online casino.

On your best online casino, deposit bonus is also sometimes meant as a reload bonus which is a deposit bonus you can take advantage of several times. Sometimes the term reload bonus is also used to clearly mark that there are several deposit bonuses you can take advantage of. It used to be common in welcome bonuses, but not anymore as casinos are not allowed to give out more casino bonuses. The lack of the opportunity to get more bonuses is a big reason why more and more players are applying to the casino without a license.

If you get $10 in bonus, you can not go in and pick out the money at once. If this had been possible, the casinos would not have made any money at all, but only distributed a lot of free money. Of course, it does not work and therefore there is a turnover requirement.

The wagering requirements are different at different best online casino, but a fairly common wagering requirement is that you need to wager the bonus money 35 times. Check in advance what applies at your particular casino, so that you are prepared for how much you have to turn over in the casino before you can withdraw the bonus money.


There are several factors you need to consider before deciding your best online casino. We have only discussed the more important ones, but you can always head over to to get a more detailed view of how our rankings are made. Lastly, we encourage our readers to only gamble with money they can afford to lose. Please seek help if you think that it is becoming a problem for you. If not, enjoy and read more reviews with us!