The demand for skilled accountants and finance professionals has increased substantially, thanks to the increased dependency of organisations on financial insights for business decision-making. The accounting qualification offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is recognised globally and can help you advance in your career to reach new heights. With more students opting for ACCA courses, many reputed institutions are offering online ACCA courses for your career

If you are an ACCA aspirant and are wondering if opting for the online format of ACCA course is the right choice for your career, this blog is for you. Read on to find out how an online ACCA course can help mould your career for the better. 

Reasons for pursuing an online ACCA course

  • Accessibility: Acquiring an ACCA qualification is a considerably tough feat to accomplish and sometimes the pressure can get too much. Pursuing an online ACCA course will allow you to access course material from anywhere in the world and offer you the liberty to study in a comfortable environment. Since ACCA papers require you to invest a significant amount of time, studying in a comfortable environment can help you concentrate better. 
  • Global recognition: The global reputation of ACCA certification plays an important role in catalysing the career growth of accounting professionals. It allows ACCA-certified accountants to seek and acquire jobs in various locations. This can be accredited to the global presence of ACCA, with centres in 179 countries around the globe. 
  • Job opportunities: ACCA is aimed at helping students acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to the international accounting standards, helping ACCA-qualified accounting professionals work efficiently in finance positions. Hence, employers prefer to hire accounting and finance professionals who are ACCA-certified. In fact, having an ACCA qualification under your belt can give you a competitive edge over your peers. 

  • Flexibility: While the course duration of each paper is fixed at 6 months in most institutions, the choice of when you want to study for a particular group of papers lies with you. Add this to the online delivery format and the flexibility quotient of ACCA courses increases. The flexibility offered by ACCA courses allows students to study at their own pace, anywhere in the world. 
  • Career advancement: A professional accounting qualification like ACCA can help you acquire senior roles within an organisation with a good package. Though acquiring an ACCA qualification is not mandatory for assuming senior management positions, employers prefer ACCA-certified accounting professionals as they are trained according to international accounting standards and are well-versed with global accounting rules and regulations.
  • Updated knowledge: The ACCA qualification imparts up-to-date knowledge and skills pertaining to accounting, helping students develop skills relevant to the present-day trends of the accounting and finance industry. 


ACCA aspirants might be intimidated by the length of the coursework or the amount of time they have to invest to become ACCA-qualified professionals. However, completing the ACCA certification exams can boost your career growth and pave the path for you to enter the accounting field.