Do you often wonder whether Instagram can be a viable lead-generation tool for freelancers? If you do, the answer is yes. But the main challenge lies in how you go about attracting great leads and collecting them. Customize your business Instagram page to make it easy for potential clients to discover your services.

The content on your page should be catchy and informative for the target clients in different ways. Compelling content highlights your brand’s voice. Below are different ways to build a perfect Instagram profile as a freelancer.   

Create a professional business account

It is the first towards the success of your freelancing business. Instagram lets you set up a professional business account from the start. This account is different from a typical one. It offers numerous features that you can utilize to gain more freelance clients. There are access to call-to-action buttons and professional insights dashboards. 

With many features available, invest in great IG profile ideas and customize them to earn more clients. The account’s appearance should send a strong message of what you can do to your subscribers. Still, you can use many tools on the internet to customize your freelancing business account.

Though Instagram is considered to be a phone app mostly, popular tools are helping you create and post content from your PC. Using Instagram on a PC with these support apps is possible, and many use it. Try out these editing tools to create an eye-catching Instagram business account profile as a freelancer to schedule your publications. Yet, not every instrument will meet your needs and requirements. Remember to completely uninstall apps on your Mac or PC to improve their speed and productivity.

Be open and consistent 

Are you worried about how to get clients on Instagram? Solutions are on the way! You can save all your IG stories to collections of highlights beneath the bio. Thus, people will obtain more information on your activity, achievements, services you provide, and prices. 

Highlights help guide your visitors and potential clients. Remember to update them if something has changed. To ensure you will be honest with customers, create a separate post warning that your services have altered. 

Brand transparency and brand consistency are cornerstones of successful freelancing. You have to think through what and how you post in your feed. The frequency of posts and their messages largely depends on the industry you’re working in. Yet, the golden rule is that you should allow the viewers to digest information. Try automation tools to balance this process and always provide people with catchy and insightful content. Thanks to them, you can schedule posts and publish them at specific times. No more worries about publishing something too late or too early. Viewers will see the services you offer often enough and at the moment when they’re ready to pay more attention. 

Visual is a top priority for a successful Instagram page

Making your social profile impressive without stylish full-fledged photos is impossible. Although texts matter as much as ever, pictures must be eye candies to keep the person on your page. Instagram users who visit your business account may need more time to be ready to take action. Make them stay longer and enjoy the perfect visual. 

Investing in good Instagram profile pictures and popular content is the best way to get around this. Repost the great posts that generate more leads for your freelancing business whenever possible. You can edit your posts a little bit or use the same post spaced out by a couple of weeks.

It keeps your brand fresh in the potential clients’ minds and nudges them from being casual observers. Your profile picture and posts should send a clear and powerful message about your freelancing business.

Add contact information and hours

Though you can easily add your contact information and working hours on your main website, some clients will expect it on Instagram too. Just below the freelancer username on the bio, add contact information like email or phone number. Interested clients won’t have to waste time scrolling to get this information.

Specifying the working hours is crucial, primarily if you work for foreign markets. Some specialists are ready to tap market gaps and work at night to get the job done for far-distance clients. 

Instagram has transformed from a social media for vacation pictures into a solid business platform where freelancers match with clients and recruiters look for new hires. Freelancers may consider attractive job offers too. Thus, don’t brush off these opportunities and show your readiness for various cooperation modes. Dig into international payroll subtleties to make sure employers from your target countries will experience no legal difficulties working with you. 

Sounds a bit overwhelming? No worries, start with creating a memorable and informative Instagram bio and mention you’re open to various cooperation activities. Provide potential clients or employers with more detailed information in your highlights or posts.  

Any bio has to be short and sweet. Its main task is to encourage potential clients to take the desired action. And when the clients are taking the “desired action,” there should be contact details to reach out to you. To keep your existing clients, you have to build strong relationships with your clients. Some of the best practices to improve communication with subscribers and build a solid community include:

  • Paying attention to every reaction: Every action your followers take on the Instagram account is vital. That’s why responding to every message, comment, or everything else that followers express about your services is advisable.
  • Mention your customers: Mentioning great clients when replying to their comments is key to building a solid community. A notification goes straight into their inbox, showing you value them.
  • Respond to important questions directly: When clients contact you directly, respond to them. Quick replies will show them that you care about their concerns.

Highlight all your locations, rewards, and reviews

Highlighting all your locations on your Instagram profile page is a great way to show customers where you accept clients. Do you get assignments from specific countries or work with clients worldwide? The focus should be more than just gaining a lot of clients. Specialize in whatever you are good at for excellent service delivery.

Different clients from disparate countries will have specific requirements. It could be how their work should be formatted or what details must be included.

Share your rewards and positive reviews you have received from the clients on your Instagram profile. Review your IG profile ideas regularly. Listing your rewards and positive reviews is a great way to establish credibility.

Update info regularly

After following everything discussed above, do you still feel stuck on how to get clients on Instagram? If yes, then you need to refine your strategies to keep everything fresh again and again. Besides your freelancer username and contact information, everything else on your IG profile can be changed regularly.

Don’t let outdated information hold back your freelancing business. Are your IG profile ideas still viable? What about the information that you have added to the bio? The best bio for freelancers should be updated regularly for specific promotions beyond the homepage. Ensure you use the latest Instagram bio template to make things look vibrant.

The more you gain experience, the more you keep increasing your business coverage. And this has to do with the number of locations you will cover. If a post doesn’t generate leads as you thought it would, you need to change it. Try to figure out what could be wrong. Learn new strategies for scheduling posts to get a lot of clients.


An outstanding Instagram profile page always contains regularly updated and transparent information about your services. It grabs the user’s attention with catchy pictures and meaningful texts. Your bio has to give all the necessary information on how to reach out to you. You create posts regularly and publish them on time. Potential clients know you’re a real person, understand your capacities, and enjoy visual solutions on your page. All these components constitute a great freelancer Instagram profile.