If you are a business owner and still rely on paper time cards to track your employees’ working hours, you might be vulnerable to the risk of timesheet fraud. The right way to avoid this risk is by using advanced and secure timesheets.

Whether your business is large or small, timesheet fraud may lead to severe financial losses in your business. It may cause you to overpay your employees due to wrong billable amounts and inaccuracy in workload estimates.

Apart from these, timesheet fraud points to the misconduct of employees, and it creates a negative impact on trust and teamwork at the workplace. You need to assuage this problem before it elevates.

Some Common Types of Timesheet Fraud

Time fraud is a very common activity, and employees conduct this act to get paid for the work they did not do. Employees tend to use several approaches for doing time fraud. Some of these are:

  • Recording more hours in the timesheet than the original hours of working
  • Covering working hours’ gaps by making variations in timesheets
  • Buddy punching or asking a colleague to clock in and out on behalf of the other

Thus, to avoid these instances of timesheet fraud, you must utilize technology for transforming HR practices. You can use technology and enhance the security of your timesheets.

Secure Timesheet App to Prevent Timesheet Fraud

Even if you have implemented strong payroll and overtime policies and informed your employees about the consequences of timesheet fraud, it is high time for you to use secure timesheets. Besides enabling you to manage time and workflow efficiently, a secure app prevents the risk of timesheet fraud.

In addition to the timesheets app or software, you also need to enhance the security of your app. Have a look at how secure timesheets help in the prevention of various fraudulent activities.

Timesheet Validations

Streamline your payroll by validating your timesheet entry. The secure timesheets help you do this. Depending upon the workflow conditions and policies that you integrate into the system, the app will prevent wrong data entry or submission of timesheets containing errors. It will streamline the payroll management accordingly.

Restriction of Controls

Since the entire system of timesheets management will get automated, your employees will not get any chances to enter data manually. All they can do is request approvals or denials from their respective managers during the time they clock in or out.

No Data Manipulation

The prevention of manual data entry will also reduce the chances of data manipulation for time theft. In this sense, you will get accurate data associated with the working hours, overtime, breaks, and day-offs of your employees.

Information Backup

By choosing an appropriate and authentic timesheets app, you can ensure to backup data daily. Your daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets will be stored in the cloud. This means that you can easily restore the required data in the face of any event leading to data loss from your devices.

Strong Network Security

Apart from hindering employees from conducting time theft, it would help if you made sure that the system you are using to manage timesheets is protected. This is particularly important if you are working with a remote team. A secure timesheets app will control your network security, thus removing barriers that can breach the privacy of the information.

As you know, timesheets management is crucial for assessing the performance of your employees. If you do not apply the right tool or strategy to prevent time fraud, then your business may get doomed very soon. Use automated and secure timesheets to enjoy a stress-free process of managing workflow.