Contrary to the name given, vanity numbers are quite useful. The numbers help your potential and existing clients to remember you and thus, can be of great importance to your business.

90% of the American populations communicate to companies using the toll-free numbers provided. 58% of these prefer to call using a vanity number over a local number.

Any type of business from restaurants and hotels, passenger service vehicles to law firms can use vanity numbers. It is much easy for customers to remember a vanity number compared to a numeric toll-free number when a need for it arises.

Vanity numbers are especially useful in businesses where phone calls are the primary channel of communication with customers.

Having a vanity number in the following fields of the economy can effectively improve your call-in response rate. You can make your vanity number become known to your customers through audio or audiovisual commercials.

Below, we shed more light on how your business can obtain maximum value from a vanity number:

Delivery Services

Consider this scenario: Every local delivery service firm has numerous printed ads posted around my neighborhood. I am exposed to a myriad of such printed and electronic ads every day. However, I consider them to be junk the moment I set my eyes on them. My failure to give attention to the commercials make me less prepared to order a meal during the week, thinking that I will not require the service over the weekend. Rest assured that people will contact you when they are in dire need of your services if you deliver on your promises and aggressively advertise your number.


A good reputation is vital for practicing attorneys. A vanity number is a critical tool in positioning your professional image. You should get creative when thinking about the number that addresses your client’s needs.


Taxi firms are among the primary user of vanity numbers. The high usage is because most customers do not plan on using a cab before the need for one arises. For example, when leaving for a party, no one takes their time to research for a taxi number, yet when the party is over, everyone is desperately asking to be given one. That is the reason why having a number that can be easily remembered makes sense.

Home Maintenance Services

There is a lot of competition in the service industry. When you select an easy to remember vanity number for instance 1-800 PLUMBING and make it popular, you will reap the benefit by having customers call you when there is a gush of water from a tap in their home.

Hotels and Restaurants

A vanity number is vital in making satisfied customers remember your establishment, place orders, and make reservations in future. A vanity number is essential for future growth of your business.

Beauty Salons

A vanity number is essential to have customers reach out for you when they require immediate services more so, for businesses that are not listed in Google.


Thousands of taxpayers have to file their returns every month. The high demand for accounting services has brought cutthroat competition in the industry. A vanity number is critical to keeping your brand visible and memorable in your customer’s mind.

It is worth to mention that a vanity number should be easy to memorize and should communicate how your business can meet the customer’s needs.

You might be concerned that most numbers that are easy to remember such as 1-800-FLOWERS AND 1-800-LAWYERS have been taken. However, there is a method to formulate vanity numbers that will deliver for you.

Firstly, the number you pick should be able to tell customers more about your business. Save for prominent firms or brands that lack a direct relationship to their names, you should settle for a number that conveys your line of business.

Secondly, settle for a catchy phone number. Some quarters argue that a combination of numerals and letters elicit customer action. Vanity numbers should embody your business idea and differentiate you from the competition.

A good vanity number helps in promoting your business. Popularize your vanity number by making it a crucial part of your marketing campaigns. In essence, a vanity number should be synonymous with the name of your business in the mind of your customers.