Do you feel lost and totally stressed when it comes to doing all your student activities? What if you could save hours of your time and feel much better-keeping everything organized and under control? 

Luckily, you can do it easily with the right apps. So, in this article, I’d like to reveal to you some simple tips and the list of great apps for students that can improve your life taking that stress away from you. 

So would you like to know more? Excellent, keep reading. 

3 Excellent Apps For Capturing Lectures On The Fly 

You know how time-consuming and stressful it can be when you try to write everything down after your tutor. Now, you can do it in a fast, easy, and stress-free way. Here are 3 awesome apps that can help you do that. 

  • SoundNote is an app for iOS that is capable of capturing your lectures in both formats audio and text. This is one of the best ways to take notes for iOS users. 
  • Evernote is a very popular app for taking your notes and keeping them organized in various formats. It offers you more enhanced functionality with a possibility to insert audio and video directly into your text notes. Sometimes it can be very useful. 
  • OfficeLense offers you a great way to capture anything you want from the whiteboard or your screen and convert it into pdf in no time. 

All these apps have free and paid versions. So, go and check them out.

3 Amazing Apps To Help You With Writing Your Essays 

We all know how tough college assignments can be. So no wonder thousands of students find themselves asking questions like ‘How do I do my references and citations correctly? How can I check my paper for plagiarism? Where can I find a professional essay writer to help me do my essays and papers?’

These 3 apps will help you solve all these issues with any assignment you have to deal with (essay, dissertation, term paper, research paper, book review, Lab report, presentation, etc.).


FastEssay is an app designed by a cheap essay writing service. It’s aimed at helping students like you get custom help online with any type of paper. 

They have professional writers for colleges, school, or university assignments that work non-stop to deliver you their services when you need them. If you have an urgent essay and don’t have time for writing it, FastEssay can be a perfect choice. 

The service offers cheap essays of impeccable quality backed up by a money-back guarantee. That’s what a legit top-rated website does. They don’t promise. They guarantee you the results. They will do all the work for you from research to editing and formatting.

You need to spend only about 3 minutes on placing your order on their site. In return, you save tons of your time and efforts and get completely confidential & private assistance from the expert helper at a very affordable price.

Their fast cheap essay writing service has multiple positive reviews. So this fact alone makes it a really safe place to buy cheap papers or hire a first-rate essay writer. You won’t find complete papers on sale there. And it’s good. That’s because once you purchase a paper there, they are going to write for you from scratch following your instructions to the teeth.

I highly recommend FastEssay when you are frustrated with your college papers. It works like a charm! You pay a reasonable price for their pro assistance and they make your life a way easier and stress-free. 


EasyBib is a real find for those who feel puzzled when it comes to citations and references. Creating a proper reference list can be easier with EasyBib. All you need to do is to use the app and scan the barcode of the book that you’d like to quote. In a matter of minutes, the app will return you a nice reference done to the par. They offer you help with multiple reference styles like APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, etc. 

This is an amazing option for students. That’s because we all know how often references done in the wrong way can cost you the score you deserve!


RefME is another great app for creating proper references and citations. It’s completely free. You can use it on Android and iOS. RefME is a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate app. Like EasyBib, RefME will ask you to scan the barcode of the targeted citation source. Then it will create a neat reference for you in no time. 

2 Great Apps for Online Calls 

Video calls are a very important part of student life. Especially now, during the lockdown. You may want to chat with your peer students, prepare together for exams in a small group, or maybe you want to ask your tutor for help. That’s where apps for online calls can come in handy. 


Zoom is an awesome app for video calls. What can I say more?) It gives you a high-quality connection and tons of really cool features and options. All this turns using Zoom for video calls into a seamless experience. As a result, the app enjoys a huge increase in popularity and active users. 


Skype is a more traditional app for video calls. However, it can do a great job as well. Sometimes it can be more convenient for you to have a video call on Skype than using other options for video calls out there. 

2 Good Apps That Will Help You Wake up On Time

Many students have difficulties with schedule and time management. I know, I know. It’s not always easy to wake up on time. Hopefully, these 2 apps will help you cultivate a new good habit of waking up when you initially plan to do that. 


Alarmy is a real deal! This app will make you wake up!) To turn off the alarm clock, you need to complete some quests. It can be shaking your phone multiple times or taking a picture of some spot in your apartment. 

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a popular app that is aimed at helping you discover your sleeping patterns and leverage them. As you know, we all have different sleeping patterns aka phases of sleep during which our brain is active or inactive. So if you wake up during a light sleep phase, you are going to feel better. Try it and share your experience.   

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