If you want to run a successful home care agency it is imperative that you have a good online marketing policy. It’s common in the home care industry, and indeed in many other industries, for people to struggle with online marketing because they are not sure what they should even be promoting.

As a care agency leader, you know what is good about your services, and you know the jargon and the issues within the industry. It’s easy to fall into a trap where you try to sell the agency that you run by talking about how good the agency is from your position of knowledge. This is a mistake because your target audience is not people like you.

SEO Experts Can Reach Your Audience

A good SEO expert such as Scott Keever knows how to figure out what your target audience will search for, and will help you to target those specific keywords and reach that audience. They will keep you on track if you start drifting towards the wrong topics, and will identify the things that people in your area care the most about.

The typical audience for a home care agency is either elderly people who are looking to get some extra support, or the adult children of elderly people who want to make sure that their parents are well looked after. These people will have clear priorities when it comes to ascertaining the quality of care that they are getting.

Typically, the people who are searching for home care agencies are people who are looking for something in their local area (or the local area of where their loved ones live) and they also have a clear purchase intent. At some point in the near future they are going to want to start arranging home care.

There are numerous home care providers across the United States, and competition is fierce. Your website needs to make the people searching for home care agencies feel that the people who work for you are reputable, honest and caring and that by working with you they are putting their loved ones in good hands.

Keywords and On Site SEO

An SEO expert will do keyword research to ensure that you are reaching the right people. They will also help you to clearly define your goals. Do you just want to reach prospective clients through your website, or would you also like to recruit more qualified caregivers? It is possible to do both.  Many SEO experts either are web copywriters, or have close links to people who do that work, so they can help you to produce content that speaks to your target audience, answers the questions that they might have and also puts their minds at ease about any concerns that they might have.

An SEO will also perform a competitive analysis, and identify the local home care agencies that are perhaps attracting attention that could otherwise go to your website. It can be hard to go head to head with established rivals, but you can look at the areas that they are weak, and find ways to rank for long tail searches that they are not competing for.

SEO is a long, ongoing process, and it is something that you cannot simply ‘do once and forget’. That’s why good SEO companies will do more than just figure out a plan for you and start work. They will audit your rankings and your website at the start, and then provide you with reports every month and every quarter so that you can see how your rankings are improving and if that is converting into more traffic – and more importantly, more enquiries.

Online is A Primary Research Platform

Today, online search (whether desktop or mobile) is the primary way that most adults do research about major purchases and investments. In the under 35 age group, mobile is king, and accounts for more than half of all search traffic. With older searchers, desktop remains an important channel.  Working with an SEO expert will help you to optimize your website so that you can reach both mobile and desktop searchers.

There was a time when people would just ask their doctor who they recommend for home care, or ask another elderly relative what agency they used. Such word of mouth marketing is still important, but perhaps not as important as it once was.  Other channels, such as leaflet drops, are also important but again there is less emphasis on them now. If you rely on leaflet drops, you are hoping that you happen to deliver a leaflet at around about the time that someone decides they need to hire a home care worker. You also have to rely on the idea that the leaflet will be picked up and read by the key decision maker in the household.

With online marketing you take away some of the uncertainty. You know that if your website is up and it ranks well for searches, it is likely to be seen by someone who is looking for home care agencies in your area. That puts the control back in your hands. You can add to the SEO efforts with remarketing and pay per click if you have the budget and you are confident that your landing pages will convert well.

Don’t D.I.Y Your SEO

It can be tempting to try to do SEO by yourself. Especially if you are a part of a smaller agency and you are on a tight budget. Do not make this mistake. There is a lot of technique and strategy to SEO and there are many pitfalls. It is easy to fall foul of Google’s algorithms and end up penalized so that your website is buried deep on the later pages of the search results. You would be much better off paying an expert like www.scottkeeverseo.com to do the work for you and get it right first time so that you can avoid those pitfalls, and focus your own time and effort on the things that you do best.