Are you considering a Master’s degree? Post-graduate education can boost your average yearly salary to $78,000, compared to $61,000 for those with just a Bachelor’s. And while you might not need a Master’s degree to get an entry-level job in many industries, an advanced degree imparts technical skills on a level most undergraduates never get out of their programs.

Not to mention, a Master’s degree looks great on your resume – it shows employers that you’re capable of working hard and succeeding in a demanding environment. But what if you don’t have the time or money to take one or two years off to go back to school? Not to worry; today’s online Master’s programs, like the MS in Systems and Control Engineering from Case Western University, allow students to complete coursework online while holding down a full-time job and caring for their families.

Grow Personally and Professionally

One of the biggest rewards students get out of going to graduate school is the opportunity for personal professional growth. If you have a passion for learning and a desire to challenge yourself, graduate school is for you. As an undergraduate, you learned what experts have to say in your field. As a graduate student, you can become one of the experts, contributing to knowledge in your field.

Post-graduate education provides unparalleled opportunities to develop your mind. You’ll also build relationships with others in your program; even earning a Master’s in engineering online offers you the chance to meet and form relationships with other students, in study groups and chat rooms. The MS in Systems and Control Engineering at Case Western is designed to provide an exact academic match to the traditional on-campus program at the university, and the online courses are available to on-campus students, too, so you’ll have the chance to network with traditional and non-traditional students.

Sharpen Your Technical Skills

Most undergraduate students, even those in STEM fields, don’t develop the specific technical and professional skills needed to succeed in senior career roles. A master’s degree gives you the opportunity to do so, in an academic environment where failure isn’t as disastrous as it can be in the workplace. The MS in Systems and Control Engineering will impart an advanced knowledge of linear and non-linear control, signal processing, optimization, systems biology, industrial automation, robotics, global modeling, and energy. You’ll leave the program ready to:

  • Optimize projects on a systems level
  • Tackle systems design and engineering tasks
  • Plan and work independently to evaluate, select, apply, and adapt engineering techniques, criteria, and procedures
  • Review and check other engineers’ or suppliers’ designs, data, and drawings
  • Supervise project controls
  • Maintain, test, and supervise criteria for control systems designs

Companies in all industries need skilled IT professionals, and an MS in Systems and Control Engineering can prepare you to work in a broad range of industries. You’ll be prepared to apply these technical skills to industries spanning from science and medicine to business and law, sociology, or even the arts.

Earn More Career Advancement Opportunities

Many jobs, especially senior-level positions, require candidates to demonstrate leadership skills, discipline, stamina, communication skills, and teamwork. An online MS in Systems and Control Engineering can impart all of these skills, proving your determination, intellect, and ability to navigate challenges to hiring managers, and proving your worth as an ideal candidate for director and manager positions.

Earn More Money

If you have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, you can eventually earn six figures without going to grad school, but it could take you decades to reach that point. An MS in Systems and Control Engineering jump starts your earning potential, giving you the upper-level experience you’ll need to move into higher-paying positions sooner.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematical sciences, natural sciences, or physical sciences, a passion for learning, and a desire to excel professionally, an MS in Systems and Control Engineering could give you the higher-level technical skills you’ll need to succeed in an IT career. Best of all, this fully online program is student-friendly, meaning your professors will give you the flexibility you’ll need to earn your degree while caring for your family and staying in your job.