2020 is unlikely to be panning out exactly as you’d expected. And while we’re all mourning our freedom, those of us lucky enough to be safe and well are likely to have a bit of extra time on our hands – time that can be put to good use by practicing aptitude tests. Not only do they have hundreds of different aptitude tests you can practice online, including abstract reasoning tests, there’s also a wealth of useful advice on everything from how to do better at interviews, to the tips and tricks that make passing aptitude tests easier.

What Is An Abstract Reasoning Test?

Abstract reasoning tests are often referred to as diagrammatic and inductive reasoning tests. They measure how well you can find logic and relationships between seemingly abstract patterns of shapes or figures. The tests are designed to be challenging, as they help employers to see how you think, and which side of your brain is dominant. This is really useful when trying to hire someone from a  large pool of applicants, as it’s a good indication of how that person is likely to respond to real workplace challenges.

What Is The Format Of An Abstract Reasoning  Test? 

Each question is multiple choice. You’ll have to (quickly!) use logic to work out what it is that connects the patterns in front of you, in order to complete or continue the sequence. It’s certainly challenging, and there really is no substitute for practising abstract reasoning tests if you want to get faster and better. Like with other aptitude tests, you’ll typically have a minute or less to answer each question.

Why Do Employers Use Abstract Reasoning Tests?

Employers use abstract reasoning tests to assess how you think and whether you’re good at problem solving. The tests are also a good indicator of your IQ as they’re not too dissimilar from a typical IQ test. The employers most likely to set an abstract reasoning test are those looking for deft problem solvers and individuals who can take the initiative. As a result they’re used across a wide range of industries, and often when hiring for managerial positions.

How Can I Prepare? 

It’s simple – practice, practice, practice. The test questions are not necessarily something you’re likely to have come across in traditional education, and a result it can take a while to get to grips with the format, and the speed in which you’ll need to answer each one to complete the test.

When you’re practicing, make sure to do so in a quiet room with all of the materials you need set up beforehand so you don’t have to keep interrupting your concentration. Take regular breaks and don’t get frustrated if you’re finding it hard – it may sound like a cliche, but practice really does make perfect. It’s important to pour over your answers when you’ve finished the test – make notes of your strengths and weaknesses; it’ll help you to progress more quickly.

We know it’s much easier to pick up the remote or scroll through your phone, but we promise that the results you’ll get from practicing abstract reasoning tests will be something you can be really proud of in 2020.