The release of iOS 8 looks set to add a host of new tricks to iPhone 6 users’ toolboxes, but did you know that even before the latest update there were apps on the market that help you turn nothing into something?

The online sports betting world has long been at the forefront of virtual technology and ever since mobile wagering became big business companies such as Betfair have pushed the capabilities of an iOS device to its limits.

By opening up its software to third-party developers to create their own specialised betting app, Betfair now has a veritable smorgasbord of magical apps for its canny punters. Taking the dynamism of the world’s largest sports betting exchange and breaking down its constituent parts, each app is able to collect, distil and analyse large amount of data so that users can make the most accurate predictions possible.

Of course, the range of apps on offer stop short of actually placing the bets for punters, but when used in unison they provide all information someone needs to improve their chances of making some money.

So what are these magical apps?


Traderline for iOS – A native iOS app that allows punters to execute a range of betting techniques such as dutching, hedging tick offsets and stop loss commands all within a customisable platform.

Dobbin Day – This is an app that allows users to view and analyse graphical representations of the past performances of all the day’s live race cards.

Betting Assistant – A one-stop betting portal that collects live market data and allows users to place multiple bets with a single click.

BetTrader – This piece of software plugs into Betfair’s API and updates market prices within the app up to 20 times a second. It also allows users to organise prices and data into grids for easy reference.

TheBetEngine – A betting bot that allows users to set up to 10 predefined strategies that can be activated automatically by the software as the market conditions reach certain conditions.

Tech Shaping the Worlds Around Us

Although there’s a certain amount of overlap between some of these products, each of them essentially allows iOS users to bore into and breakdown the betting world in a way that’s almost unparalleled. Ten years ago a sports bettor would need to collect the day’s stats, manually analyse them and then go off and make their bets. Today, with the help of a few apps, all this can be done within minutes via your mobile device.

As we all know, technology has changed the way we interact with the world at large, but it’s also improved the way specific markets cater to punters. That’s certainly true for the sports betting world and many other industries across the world.