Hoverwatch Phone Tracking App is a product of the Refog Inc. Company. Formed in the year 2002, the company maintains quality standards in their products. This product gives parents and employers power to check children’s and employees’ online activities respectively. Corporations, as well as individuals, rate this app well. This has seen over 12 million devices around the world get this phone tracking app.

The demand for the app rises each year because of its unique features. It is because of this that Refog Inc is present in over 196 countries. The company keeps pace with rapid technological changes by upgrading this software. This phone tracking app is for Android phones with an internet connection and Android 4.x – 6.x. It tracks and records information on a Windows PC and Mac OS X.

Free Phone Tracker App

Features in the free phone-tracking app function well. Before getting started, you need a Hoverwatch online account. This is for tracking and receiving information from the app. Visit the Hoverwatch website to register for a free account. From this account, download and install the app. You will now be able to track and record information and activities of the Android phone user. This can be from any of the Android phone’s applications. Read the operations instructions for smooth tracking.


Starting on the Phone Tracking App

It is easy to sign and start out on this app. The three quick steps in the Hoverwatch website are simple.

  1. Sign up : You need to fill in details to get a free Hoverwatch online account. These include an email address and a password.
  1. Prepare devices : You need to download and install the phone tracker app. You can only download this app from your online Hoverwatch account.
  1. Start watching : Start your tracking activities. Check instructions when you encounter any problem.

The Hoverwatch phone tracking app does not function on all phones. You can only track an Android phone or tablet with 4.x – 6.x Android. Also, ensure you have access to the Android Phone you intend to track. The phone should have an internet connection. This allows for smooth transfer of information to your device.



The geolocation feature helps you to locate an Android phone user. The phone tracker app uses the cell towers of a mobile service provider. Wi-Fi signals and GPS combine to point the accurate location of the Android phone.


Sim Card Replacement

Hoverwatch will function even if there is no sim card in the phone. You will get an SMS alerting you of sim card removal. Tracking, recording, and dispatching information will continue.


Facebook and Whatsapp Tracking

You will see the user’s Facebook and Whatsapp files without their knowledge. This app will deliver to you videos, audios, and photos from the Android phone, you are tracking. You will also read all sent or received messages.


Sim Tracker – Home

Even when not at home, you can still check your children’s actions. With a Wi-Fi connection, your tracking will go on, no matter the distance. This is because the Hoverwatch phone-tracking app is remote tracking software.

Front Camera Operation

Whenever the screen of the Android phone unlocks, the front camera takes a snap. This camera is automatic and always ready. The app then sends the photo to your online account.

Calls and Text Messages

The SMS tracker in the software keeps track of incoming and outgoing calls. It allows you to read SMS and MMS messages the Android phone user receives or sends. The app captures images or photos to and from the phone. It records and forwards them to your online account.

Sim Tracker – Business

This app offers great savings to businesses. Rather than use supervisors, this app tracks employee’s online actions while at work. Aware of this app, employees improve their performance and, thus, the company’s revenue goes up.

Remain Invisible


Hoverwatch phone tracking app operates in a discreet way. It is invisible to even those with good knowledge of Android’s operations. Besides, the tracking activity goes on in a discreet way.

The Hoverwatch phone-tracking app gives you discreet parental control. Acquiring this app allows you to shape the future of your children. Tracking online activities and geolocation of children enables you to guide your kids accordingly. Companies can also raise their profits by ensuring employees are productive while at work.

Pricing Option

The Phone Tracking app is available in two affordable plans: family and personal. Whereas the personal option works for one device, the family plan suits several devices. If you choose the family plan and choose to pay annually, you will realize that this app is surprisingly affordable, as you will be able to save over 50 percent per device.

Verdict – Recommended App!

The interesting things we found about this application is that it is discreet, not limited by distance, easy to use and very affordable, especially for companies who would like to track how their employees perform. It is no wonder that Hoverwatch has been installed on over 12 million devices so far!