Next Level? Which Next Level? Are hotels and resorts sandblasting their roofs with digital signs? Are they curing feline aides with digital signs? How are two fragments of the tourism trade using digital signs to make a difference? This article explains how hotels and resorts have integrated digital signs into their service in a way that is naturally complementary. And, where part of this was spurred by social distancing, the real reason is that digital signs are so effective in tourism is because they bridge that gap between Smartphone use and traditional offline communication. Why has a poster pointed to the lobby when you can have an interactive sign showing customized directions to every inch of the premises?

Spurred By Social Distancing?

We have to mention the unknown virus of unknown origin in how modern tourism and entertainment services conduct business. In order to future-proof their businesses, they need social distancing protocols. They don’t “Need” to be in action, but they do need to be easily deployed. Digital signs play very well in that role. They go from interactive tools and attention-grabbing ads to distancing advisories, traffic controllers and even entry/barrier controllers that tell people how many may enter each room. Digital signs are versatile enough to change roles when the circumstances dictate. Today, the digital sign offers QR codes for discounts on local goods. Tomorrow, it warns people they will be ejected if they do not wear a mask.

Modern Three Star Hotel Rooms

As you probably know, star systems work by a check/tick box system. If a hotel has X, Y and Z, then it gets a certain star rating. Some of the stipulations are so seemingly silly that they would make your nose bleed, like how the proximity of the car park can keep the very best hotel from being a five-star hotel or how a four-star hotel can lose a star if it doesn’t have a hair dryer in the bathroom.

As you may imagine, service standards play a part in a hotel’s rating. With that in mind, if a two-star hotel puts a digital sign in the room, a digital sign that offers information and such, then it is more likely to receive its third star. Back in the old days, you needed your own TV channel that gave out information on events, breakfast bars, etc. These days, you simply have a digital sign.

Room Service By Digital Sign

Continuing on from the previous point, you used to have to call reception to order room service. These days, three-star and upwards hotels have interactive digital signs. It is not that different from using your phone. You navigate the menus to get whatever you want.

You can order from the menu on the screen, and you can get other things like extra shower caps or somebody to turn down your bed. In places like Italy, you can buy their version of bus passes that also get you on things like trains, and in Venice, they get you on their boat buses.

Resorts go a step further by allowing you to book massages and time on the climbing wall, and you can book tickets for local events. There are even systems that link to event seating plans, which means you can book a ticket for a local comedy event and book your ticket, table, and even part of your meal.

Nobody Wants The Hotel App

Prior to the widespread adoption of digital signs, hotels and resorts tried to get you to download their app, but nobody wants potential data-skimming or potential malware on their phones. However, they do want to use digital signs to learn about the town, learn about the amenities, where to find a cab, the health ratings of local restaurants, and when the hotel or resort serves its food and drink. 

Digital Signs Still Work as Advertising Mediums

There are resorts and hotels that use software like Kitcast so they can run traditional adverts or live-feed adverts, and there are resorts that allow people to contribute to comment-section walls (they are like interactive guest books). There are resorts keeping it real with signs that show people which events are on right now, but during the interval, those signs point to the bar, and at the end of the event, the same promotional signs point to the car park and taxi spots.