Finding a really reliable webhosting is difficult specially when there are more than a thousand hosts out there. Running your site on a poor hosting provider with unreliable customer service and frequent downtimes can cause huge losses both financially and customer loyalty wise.

Host1Plus is one such service provider that is reliable, has excellent customer service and many features to plug your site in and get going. If you are an experienced webmaster, its obvious that you are not happy with your current host and that is the reason you have searched Google about a new one. If you are a newly entering into Internet world, Host1Plus is the best place to start with.


Host1Plus Hosting

Host1Plus VPS Hosting is also provided by Host1Plus as Host1Plus is not just limited to shared hosting. It also offers dedicated servers for large resource consuming websites, Cloud Hosting, Reseller hosting, so that you can sell and earn money, and also SEO hosting for micro niche affiliate sites.

Moreover, despite having so many options to chose from, one thing is common in all. Their user-interface is clean and quite easy to understand that’s what makes it the selling point. There is lot more apart from UI that geeks and webmasters will love.

OS Compatibility


If you have a thing for specific operating system for your server, Host1Plus offers not just Linux and Windows, but also Debian, CentOS, Fedora Suse OS and a lot more.


If you are a person that has no knowledge about coding, this feature comes handy. Auto-installer is nothing but a one-click feature to install various content management system like WordPress, Forum software, Joomla, Drupal etc. This will not only save your time, but also save a few bucks in hiring a coder.


Having an ample and sufficient amount of resource is extremely important because that what causes downtimes and problems to your website due to insufficient resources to run the website.

Host1Plus offers truly unlimited resources to your server no matter which plan you buy. Those resources included unlimited domain hosting, resource hungry apps and forum software, and even downloads.

host1plus plans

Server Locations

This helps specifically in SEO hosting where you want to target a particular country, and that can only happen when your server is situated in the same geography so that search engines can determine it based on your IP address. Host1Plus has its servers in Africa, Johannesburg, South USA, Europe and North USA.


The customer service of Host1Plus web hosting is awesome, they are reliable, they offer unlimited resources like high RAM, unlimited domains etc. what should its price be? If you are thinking about more than $50 per month, think again.

The pricing starts at just $2.50 per month for the starting package all the way to $45 per month on platinum plans, which has 4 CPU cores and 4GB RAM for your website to scale up. The pricing also changes slightly depending on the server location you choose.

Ball is in your Court

Host1Plus gives users wide variety of choices to host their website, ranging from different server locations to different pricing points that suits all the pockets, along with unlimited resources for your website to be up and running at any given time.