These days, casinos deploy sophisticated technology to enhance their operations and build long-standing relationships with players. They provide a better and more personalized experience. By offering a bespoke service, casinos bring in more revenue, as customers are more likely to be retained. Each operator understands the power technology has and how beneficial it can be to their business. Just as any other industry, iGaming relies on the harnessing of technological developments. There’s absolutely no part of the business that doesn’t leverage state-of-the-art technology, whether it concerns content or payments. 

Only a limited number of casinos use their proprietary applications. The vast majority of gambling operators rely on software from third-party suppliers. Take Holland Casino as an example. The Dutch state-owned casino is equipped with the most popular games. Examples include baccarat, roulette, blackjack, slots, and so on. Interestingly enough, Holland casino is planning to expand into the online gaming space. Playtech will supply the online casino software and help develop an online platform for the casino operator. The great thing about online gambling is that customers can play at any time and enjoy the socializing provided by traditional casinos. 

With the Dutch online gambling market set to launch on October, Holland Casino is looking to expand its brand online  

Online gambling is now allowed in the Netherlands and roughly 40 foreign companies are expected to apply for a license. Dutch residents weren’t banned from playing casino games online, but they could do so only on websites hosted locally, which weren’t that many. These days, playing with free casino spins offered by online casinos is completely possible. The Dutch Remote Gambling Act came into force on April 1, 2021. Nevertheless, the Dutch online gambling market won’t open until October. It’s argued that the delay is due to a technical fault. To be more precise, there seems to be a flaw in the web-based application portal run by the Kansspelautoriteit. 

Under the circumstances, the Dutch online gambling market will open on October 1 for companies that succeed in obtaining a license. Not that long ago, the Kansspelautoriteit established the auditing requirements for iGaming license applications and drew attention to the fact that securing licensing won’t be such an easy task. The Remote Gambling Act will monitor online casino games in the Netherlands and take action against gambling-related fraud and crime. Even if the official opening of the Dutch online gambling market will be significantly delayed, at least there is guarantee that implementation will be handled flawlessly. 

Besides Holland Casino, some of the world’s biggest and most respected brands are looking forward to offering their services to Dutch players. Anyone can choose the best casino in Holland and play casino games. If you would like to gamble at Holland Casino, you’ll have to wait a little bit because it doesn’t yet provide online gambling. The operator is carrying out work on the online platform and, owing to Playtech’s expertise, Holland Casino will offer a standalone gaming environment and experience. The iGaming supplier has recently signed a new software and services agreement with Holland Casino, so it will deliver its groundbreaking multichannel technology, in addition to ancillary services. 

Playtech will build a live casino facility right next to one of Holland Casino’s existing locations. According to company representatives, there is an interest in continuing to collaborate with the Dutch state-owned casino to make available high-quality, comprehensive, and responsible gambling activities. Let’s recall that Playtech is one of the most prominent casino tech vendors, with about 20 years of experience in the industry. It has served many brands over the years, the most sought-after games being slots and table games. Playtech is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 250 Index.

Playtech – a long-standing partner of Holland Casino 

A good technology partner makes it easy to offer competitive products. Technology partnerships play a key role in the casino industry in helping ensure that consumers get nothing but the best. From high-end graphics to immersive journeys, operators can find anything they want. Owing to these innovations, playing with free casino spins offered by online casinos has never been easier. Every player wants to visit an online casino that features superior graphic content, smooth sound effects, and thousands of games. it’s understandable why Holland Casino decided to strike a partnership with Playtech. 

For those of you who don’t know, Playtech is a long-standing partner. The iGaming supplier first provided its technology to the casino operator back in 2014. The nation’s online gambling market was  expected to be reorganized by 2015. Unfortunately, there has been a series of delays, meaning that Holland Casino wasn’t able to penetrate the online gambling market for several years. Now that the Dutch Remote Gambling Act has finally been implemented, the casino brand will launch in the online gambling market following an enormous delay. Needless to say, the legislative process has been a lengthy one, coming against many bumps and obstacles. 

Playtech’s renewed partnership helps consolidate its presence in Europe. Not many know that the tech company is involved in international expansion in the Americas, therefore maintaining a positive outlook for 2021. Playtech is leveraging existing opportunities in key territories, such as the United States and Latin America. Getting back on topic, the iGaming supplier is looking forward to the launch of the Dutch online gambling market. Those interested in having a good time simply have to choose the best casino in Holland and play casino games. 

Holland Casino has been expanding its singular brand since 1976. In the old days, people had no choice but to travel to physical casinos if they wanted to spin the reels or enjoy a game of poker. It’s a completely different story now. The new normal is digital, so an ever-increasing number of companies are moving their operations online. There are more winnings for the player, not to mention more profit for the casino. Well, Holland Casino will make the move soon enough. With Playtech’s help, it should be simple. After all, it has 20 years of technology leadership.