If you are a business looking to streamline your expenses while increasing revenue and employee satisfaction at the same time, moving to a remote workforce is one thing that should be on the table. More and more people around the country are beginning to work at home for at least part of the week. While some businesses do not have this luxury, many do. You might be looking at having your staff work at home every day of the week or just several. Whatever the case might be, you will want to consider changing your hiring strategies. The type of employee you want for remote work will likely be a bit different than you are used to.

Develop Your Hiring Process

There are certain skills that your remote workers will need if they are going to be successful. You should define what those are for you. Make them non-negotiable. If a prospective candidate is weak in most of those areas, they should not make the interview stage no matter how qualified they may be to do the job. Working at home requires a certain skill set. Employees need to be accountable, self-disciplined and prove that they have excellent time management skills. These are just a few of the areas that you should test in your hiring process.

Improve Your IT Security

It is quite likely that your remote workers will be using your company network at home. This is a given. You need them to have access to the right software and infrastructure that is required to do their job. At the same time, you will need to make sure that everything is safe and secure. You do not want to be susceptible to hackers or corporate theft. You will want to consider RDP security as you begin to hire remote workers. This is how you can create an encrypted channel during remote desktop sessions so that nobody who is unauthorized can gain access to the network.

Decide Who You Are Looking For

As you begin the hiring process, you will want to decide who the ideal candidate is for you. Many people are looking for a remote job. Individuals enjoy the flexibility that comes with such a position, but you want an employee who realizes that they are expected to devote 100% of their energy to the job during work hours. This means that you will be looking for a certain type of personality. Who is going to fit well into your virtual teams and who can quickly adapt to the corporate mission and vision? This is the type of person that you want working for you.

Utilize The Right Hiring Sites

You will also want to know where to look for your remote workers. Just as the nature of the job will be different, so is the avenue by which prospective candidates go to look for them. You will want to source from sites that are geared for remote workers. This is where you find the most talented pool of workers out there. Individuals looking for such a job know where to position themselves in order to get noticed.

These tips will get you ready to begin hiring remotely. Remember that not everyone is cut out for working from home. There are many distractions and obstacles that need to be overcome. In order for this to be profitable for both the company and the employee, certain procedures must be put into place. With a bit of proper planning and the right hiring practices, remote work might just save you a great deal of money in the long run.