Hily is a dating website which can be accessed through a browser or through the Hily app. On Hily, you can meet people and chat. This article provides a review of the Hily dating app and discusses all its features in detail. This article is intended for anyone who is looking to use the dating app and needs help in getting started and/or navigating the app so as to reap its full benefits. The subsequent sections will be focused on describing what Hily is, how it works and how to use the app.

Hily: An Introduction

As stated earlier, Hily is a dating website and a lot of its features would be familiar to those who frequent the various online dating sites available today at their disposal. Hily utilizes the concept of “likes” wherein a user is shown the profiles of other registered users of Hily and they can choose to “like” or “dislike” the profiles. “Liking” a profile represents that the user has showed interest in them. If the user receives a “like” from that person in return, then the user is said to have a “mutual like”. A “mutual like” is obtained when the person whose profile you have “liked” also “likes” your profile back. In order to send messages to someone, you must have the “mutual like“ with them.

To become a member of Hily, one must create an account on the website or log in through their Facebook account. However, if you are using the Hily app then you only have the option of logging in through your Facebook account or signing in if you already are a member on the Hily website. In the app, you do not have the option of registration by creating a new account.

Hily App Basics 

Assuming that you already have an account on Hily or are going to make use of your Facebook account, when you first open the app, you will be able to log in to Hily by choosing one of the two options. Once you have logged in, you would be taken to the “Finder mode” in Hily. This is where you will be shown profiles of other people around you.

One of the unique features of Hily is that it makes use of your zip code to only show the profiles of people living near you. For every profile shown, you have the option of “liking” or “disliking” it by clicking on the respective icons on their profile. Unlike many other dating apps in the market, Hily places no restriction on the amount of profiles that you can “like”.

Since Hily is relatively new and it’s community is still growing, it is possible that at a given time, there may be no new profiles to be displayed to you in the “Finder Mode”. At this point, you are shown the option of inviting your friends and doing so may entitle you to certain perks in the future; courtesy of the Hily staff. If you choose to invite others, you are given two options of doing so. You can either invite your friends on Facebook or you can choose to send a referral link to your contacts through messaging, email or any other social media app in your phone.

In the “Finder Mode”, in the upper-right corner of your screen, you will see an icon for setting “Filters”. You can set two filters for the kind of people you want to meet based on gender and age. It is advisable to set the filters before looking through the profiles of other people.

On the bottom of your screen, you can see the icons corresponding to different modes in Hily. The icon for the mode you are in will be highlighted. Clicking on an icon will take you that mode. The second mode, right next to the “Finder Mode” is the “Messages Mode”. As having a “mutual like” is essential to begin messaging someone, you are shown all your “mutual likes” in this mode along with any conversations or “dialogs” that you have initiated with someone else. Messaging someone on Hily is quite similar to messaging on any other social media app. Apart from plain text, you also have the option of sending GIFs to make the conversation lively.

The third mode, next to the “messages mode” is the “events mode”. It basically keeps tracks of your actions which consist of the “likes” that you have given out and the “mutual likes” that you have received. The last mode is the “Settings Mode”. There are a couple of things that are worth mentioning. When you are in this mode, you have quick links to see your “mutual likes”, your verification status, invite your friends or access the general settings. In general settings, you can set the same filters as mentioned above and also customize some more options like notification settings wherein you can set what kind of notification would you like to receive.

Furthermore, in the settings mode, you can interact with the Hily staff by sending them a message or by giving them feedback, again, in the form of a message. Other options are related to legal and privacy matters and and you can choose to read up on them. The options for logging out of your account and deleting it are also located here.

Profile Settings

In the settings mode, by tapping on the pencil icon right next to your profile picture and name, you are taken to your profile settings. Most of the options here are related to your basic information such as name, date of birth, gender, and your display picture. Some options are worth taking a look at which are:

  • Status in relationship
    • Single
    • Married
    • Divorced
    • In an open relationship
    • Seeing someone
    • Widowed
    • Separated
    • Tell you later
  • Relationship type
    • Monogamous
    • Polygamous
  • Purpose on the site
    • Long-term dating
    • Short-term dating
    • New friends
    • Chat

Most of the options are self-descriptive. Select those that apply to you in order to make your profile more informative.


The hily dating app is new in the market and has an ever-growing community. The app is relatively easy to navigate and a lot of its features are quite intuitive. Veteran online daters will find it familiar and beginners will find it very easy to learn. Hily is still under development and a lot of modifications and improvements can be expected to happen.