Out to purchase a tablet for yourself? Good Idea!! But any clue on how to zero down on the most suitable one for you or are you going to visit the electronics store and pick up the cheapest one or choose the one which your friends and family have? If you do that, it is likely that you could be making a wrong choice (higher chances!!)Besides the tablet prices in India vary with respect to the brands and owing to the budget constraints one ends up choosing a disliked model at times.

buying tablets

If you wish to go for the most suitable one, here’s how you should go about it –

Use of the tablets

Work Related Use – Like PCs and laptops, tablets have multi purposes uses too. If you are planning to use your tablet for work or business, then you should opt for decent sized tablet (9 inches or more) along with compatibility of attaching an external keyboard for enhanced work productivity

Suitable Models – Apple’s iPad Air, Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Samsung’s Galaxy Note

Gaming & Family Use – If you and your family are likely use it for streaming videos and playing games then tablets with wider screen size in the medium price range could suffice. Also, look out for games offered through their App store which make its use more exciting. Do make it a point to check out security features offered by each of them.

Suitable Models – Apple’s iPad, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX

Gaming: Apple’s iPad should be at the top of your shopping list. The App Store offers the richest array of high-quality games. However, the game selection in the Google Play store is improving, and both the Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4 CPU offer powerful graphics.

Specifications of the tablets  – The hardware offered within the tablet has to be suitable for the purpose you intend to buy it.

  • Processors – The inbuilt processors determine the display and the speed at which the tasks are performed. The highly used ones include 64-bit A7 chip offered in Apple’s iPad while Snapdragon 800 from Qualcomm, Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor and Exynos range of octa-core chip.
  • RAM – For multitasking, it is essential to have a decent sized RAM in built within the tablet. Though most manufacturers offers 1GB RAM, it would be a good idea to purchase a tablet with 2GB RAM for a satisfactory and intuitive use of the tablet.
  • Internal Space – Considering the current web browsing scenario, a minimum internal space of 16GB is essential. Any space or an extension of space feasible is advantageous. This additional provision of space depends upon the tablet manufacturers and the basic specifications of the model.
  • Battery Life – This one is extremely crucial for especially if you are likely to be constantly on the move and battery life draining out quickly could cause some grave problems or embarrassments for you.

On an average, you would require battery life of up to 7 hours for regular web browsing through the Wi-Fi while additional use of it would require more battery power too.

While considering these points, yet another crucial point has to be given equal importance is the prices of these tablets. For those of you who are wishing to buy tablets in India do make it a point to check out and compare tablet prices in India before you go ahead. The best way to check them out is by visiting comparison websites online right away.