KingCasinoBonus is an excellent casino affiliate website released in 2017 that operates exclusively in the UK. Despite being in a highly competitive niche, the site owners found an efficient way to deliver high-quality content while optimizing their website for SEO and ranking the first result on a large number of premium keywords.

In case you’re still wondering what affiliate marketing is, here is the top result in Google Search:

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by advertising the products of other people or companies. Find a product you want to promote, create a sales page, and earn a chunk of the profit every time a consumer buys it using your affiliate link.

Of course, this is a simplified definition that explains in broad terms the process behind an affiliate marketing sale. The truth is, the affiliate marketing industry is a great way of monetization for small startups. Even though being one of the top 10 organic Google Search results in the casino niche is challenging, the creators of KingCasinoBonus went all in on this idea and successfully developed a winning product. Let’s find out how they did it!

Early Stages

The secret behind any successful startup business is vision. When they were still in the early stages of development, the owners ran thorough research on their audience, identifying pain points and what problems they could solve for them. Here is what they discovered:

  • Bonus codes boost online casino conversions
  • Users are always looking for new gambling opportunities
  • Licensed casinos are more popular than pirate platforms
  • Prospective clients love reading thorough casino platform reviews
  • Exclusive promotions attract long-term consumers

After they’ve established their primary focus, the creators of the website started developing a platform that would offer its visitors all the necessary information regarding the casino industry, optimized for maximizing conversion and dwell time. 

Through their user experience knowledge, they created a prototype of the platform and sent it to various user testing communities like Reddit to receive accurate feedback and polish their product to the maximum. 

While the website’s user interface seems outdated according to the latest web design trends, the feedback they received was positive, so they decided to make their vision a reality. With the help of some dedicated web developers, they put together a platform that was standing out from the crowd, containing all the information that the users needed and, at the same time, being SEO-friendly and ready for the growth phase.

The Growth Phase

 Growing a website organically in the Google Search Engine is a daunting task, especially when you want to rank high difficulty keywords. The owners of KingCasinoBonus used a recipe for success that drastically boosted their ranking in Google. Here’s how:


  • Keyword Research

having a well-researched list of keywords is essential for affiliate marketing success because you will want to rank for as many long-tail keywords as possible while focusing your long-term efforts on premium keywords that are harder to rank for if your site is brand new.

  • High-quality content that generates backlinks

a website with a diversified backlink portfolio will always rank better since having backlinks is one of the main priorities when you want to rank organically in Google. Doing Black Hat SEO or manual outreach will eventually get you de-indexed from the Search Engine, so content remains the primary tool for attracting backlinks to your site. Content is still king, and the better it is, the higher number of backlinks you receive.

  • Thorough on-page optimization

another crucial part of the growth phase is the on-page SEO, including revamping the headings, adding HTML tags(meta, title, header), using the correct title tags, and creating internal links.  

  • Advanced technical SEO

if you want your website to rank in the top results, it will require a load speed below 3 seconds and a great sitemap to make it crawlable. Additionally, using SSL encryption technology and making sure you have no duplicate content is a great way to defeat your competition.

Here is a snapshot of the metrics of KingCasinoBonus from Ubersuggest, an SEO analysis tool:

Now that you have a better understanding of how KingCasinoBonus successfully created a long-term SEO strategy that still works today, it’s time to move on to niche-specific aspects that need to be checked off the list if you want to win the casino affiliate website battle.

Becoming an Authority in the Online Casino Niche

Many digital marketers are looking to penetrate the casino niche, but most of them fail. They aren’t successful because they solely focus on conversions instead of trying to make their website a valuable resource that will make users return.

Negotiating Deals with Various Operators

Well, the secret is having lucrative deals negotiated with various casino operators for diversity. The greatest thing about directly creating a business relationship with the casino platforms is that they highly depend on the affiliate marketers to sell their product. That’s because advertising gambling products are highly regulated, and pay per click advertising is expensive, so a risk-free deal that could generate traffic is attractive for the casino affiliate managers.

Hiring iGaming Experts

After reading through the content on KingCasinoBonus, we’ve concluded that their copywriters are dedicated to helping the community find the best casino offers while remaining objective and not trying to persuade the user to use a lousy platform just for profit. 

Their casino reviews are highly professional since their writing guidelines include testing the platform and analyzing every aspect of that casino site. Additionally, their educational resources are of high quality. Even a complete beginner will get on the right track after reading a few of their gambling guides. 

Content is one of the most critical aspects of an affiliate website, so investing in casino experts is beneficial for your SEO success and will bring in even more conversions since your reviews and guides will be considered authoritative and other industry-leading websites will recommend it to their audience.

 Great content will always attract new users, generate relevant backlinks, and establish you as an authority in the niche, all of which are essential factors if you want to rank above your competition. 

Always Stay Updated

Technological advances impact the casino market as well, so you will need to be up to date with all the new releases, like VR casinos or blockchain casinos, which are quickly becoming the norm. KingCasinoBonus is continually updating its content to be following the latest trends, and any newly released platform or technology will immediately be covered on their website. This way, users will always read fresh content that is relevant and will help them improve their overall experience with online casinos.

Final Thoughts 

The casino affiliate industry is a lucrative niche that brings millions of dollars to big players like KingCasinoBonus that took the pulse of the market and optimized their platform to rank on the first page of Google for premium keywords like “free spins no deposit” or “casino bonus codes.” If you’re planning to start your internet marketing journey in this niche, use this case study as a reference and apply the new concepts you’ve learned.