If you are into MMORPGs, then you must be familiar with RuneScape, a popular game with more than 9.5 million active accounts along with 500 thousand+ premium accounts. With tons of updates and changes in the game, there are many different things that all the players need to learn and change their gaming strategies accordingly. Although the core of the game is still the same, as you level up, collect RuneScape gold, and expand your kingdom. 

Keeping in mind all this, we are here with some of the best and most amazing tips and things that are going to help every returning RuneScape player as they start with their virtual adventure in this game once again. 

Evolution Of Combat(EoC)

With the launch of a new combat system in the game in the year 2012, old players had little difficulty in understanding this new EoC. However, with a little practice and gameplay, most of the player easily familiarized themselves with this new update in which it is fairly difficult to battle high-level monsters and maintain maximum efficiency in the game. 

Currently, players can enjoy 3 different combat setting that includes Full Manual, Revolution, and Legacy Mode. Based on your levels and understanding of the game, you can choose between these 3 EoC modes. Full Manual mode is designed for professional and experienced players as all the abilities in this mode are triggered manually while in Revolution all the abilities are triggered automatically making it more suitable for new players as they can easily learn about these new abilities with ease like this. Lastly, the legacy mode is for players that want to enjoy without any EoC. 

If you are new to this game or want to learn more about these abilities, you can also visit the Combat academy to get a better grasp of all the new abilities and EoC system. 

Action Bar

Along with EoC, action bars were introduced in this game. This is basically an addition through which players can easily manage their abilities, spells, prayers, emotes, and the different items they get during their adventure. Also, as you buy osrs gold safe, players get to manage that with this new action bar with ease. This made it really easier for players to look for different items as they don’t have to visit their respective sections every time they are in need of some items.

Additionally, players can also use this action bar to make it really easy for them during different combat situations. For instance, this action bar is quite helpful during power fishing and other different situations. 

Introduction Of New Cities And Places 

Prifddinas is the elven capital in the game which is basically for high-level players as you need to go on different high-level quests such as Plague’s End. Players can also enjoy different skilling activities, NPCs, a Grand Exchange, and much more. 

If you are into skilling then The Arc is your new go-to destination, where you can enjoy some new and different skilling activities and much more. Similarly, Menaphos is another heaven for players that are looking for areas in which they can improve their skills. 

The IronMan Mode

The Ironman mode is another really great addition to game. This mode is for players that are looking to increase the difficulty level in the game by placing several restrictions in the game that are not there in other modes. Ironman mode focuses on self-sufficiency making it really hard for players to move in the game. 

If you are still not satisfied with the different restrictions that are placed in Ironman mode, you can also switch to hardcore Ironman or Ironwoman. With additional difficulty in the game, if you die in this mode you account may get locked or turn into regular Ironman mode that you can not change. Although, players have the option of buying 3 additional lives through Divine coins.


Not only there are certain additions to the gameplay, maps, and characters but the interface is also upgraded over time. Now players can easily customize the interface according to their gaming style with ease. Moreover, if you are interested in changing you interface as well in order to improve your gaming experience, you can watch tons of videos and guides that are available on Youtube as well. 

Bottom Line

If you are into RuneScape then this article is just perfect for you, sharing all the news about the latest updates and things that you might enjoy in the updated version of this engaging game.