A huge pillar of any business’ marketing strategy will be placed firmly in the space of social media. It’s here that you’re able to leave your mark with a touch of personality in the minds of your followers. It’s also here that you’ll be able to reach new followers, who are likely to use social media every day and are therefore primed to see new content and to find new businesses that they care about. This guide is about how you’ll locate and target these people, building your audience in the process. 

Paid Adverts

One route to building your audience is through paid advertisements. You can buy these on any social media website, and they’re specifically set up to help you target certain users who have a certain profile and digital footprint. The granularity of the data provided by social media companies is why they’re preferred by businesses when it comes to targeting the right consumer – you can locate just the right consumer to speak to. 

Once you have your target selected, you’ll also want your paid advert to reflect the values that your business represents – and the values you think will work best with the consumers you’re targeting. It can help, in this regard, to employ a marketing expert to help you shape your advert content to make it as effective as possible. 

Hashtag Use

Social media has given rise to the hashtag. It started on Twitter as a way to coordinate similar tweets around certain issues, events or ideas. But it has since spread to all social media websites as a way to show off what you are about, what you’re talking about, and which people might be interested in what you’re posting. 

Businesses that use hashtags wisely tend to be found by more consumers on their social media sites. Instagram hashtags, to give one example, are hugely popular on the platform, and help individuals find the content they’re looking to see as quickly as possible. You can harness the power of these hashtags by reading online guides about which are most effective for your business – and employing them on all future posts that you make. 


People on social media can share content. On Facebook, it’s as simple as clicking the share button on a post. On Twitter, you can retweet a post to your followers. On Instagram, you can like a post that might get shared on the walls of your friends. Creating content that people want to share is therefore a huge marketing opportunity for firms. 

The best part of this particular strategy is that it’s absolutely free. You’ll not need to employ someone or pay for adverts – it’s a user-driven way of getting seen by more people. The only thing you’ll have to think about is what makes people share posts. You’ll want to be funny and on-trend – and speak to an issue or an idea that people care about. That’ll get people hitting the share button and your post seen by thousands more people. 

Build a larger audience and grow your follow base on social media by bearing in mind the above three tips.