Conversational AI platforms, such as chatbots, are rapidly taking over the world, completely transforming the way we interact with brands online. This trend has been getting stronger this year, which many have dubbed the Year of the Bot, given the increasing use of bots and their numerous benefits across various vertical markets.

One of the vertical markets that is slowly but surely implementing chatbots is the Government vertical. We are witnessing a rising number of government agencies providing conversational AI platforms to interact with citizens, as they are quickly realizing the major benefits that bots bring both to their organizations and to citizens.

SnatchBot Rising in the Government

SnatchBot is the best chatbot platform for building free chatbots that are capable of carrying out intelligent conversations. Founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurial brothers, Avi Ben Ezra and Henri Ben Ezra, SnatchBot is the only bot-building platform that allows you to create and maintain chatbots for free, with absolutely no hidden costs down the road. It is free forever.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why many government agencies are becoming more attracted to the SnatchBot platform. They can build their own chatbots for free and immediately start experiencing numerous benefits, such as higher efficiency, not to mention provide citizens with extraordinary convenience, since chatbots are available 24/7 to answer their questions and meet their needs.

SnatchBot is creating a very thriving chatbot-building community, with the number of registered users growing exponentially on a consistent basis. Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO of SnatchBot, provided us with data showing that, out of 40 million interactions carried out by their chatbots, 7% were in the Government vertical.

Their chatbots are the most popular in education (16%), IT (13%) and e-commerce (13%) sectors, but government agencies definitely don’t fall far behind. They are slower to implement chatbots, but they are definitely welcoming them with arms wide open.

How Is SnatchBot Helping Government Institutions and Citizens?

SnatchBot chatbots can really transform government services. They enable government institutions to strengthen their relationships with citizens by helping them make interactions more personalized and engaging. Chatbots enable them to create the “conversational government” that helps people get the answers they need without having to communicate through emails and phone calls.

Every citizen’s issue can be quickly and easily addressed and every single citizen’s voice can be heard. Despite what many people still think, chatbots are capable of carrying out truly intelligent, two-way conversations.

This is exactly where SnatchBot excels, as it uses a state-of-the-art NLP (Natural-Language Processing), which enables their bots to truly understand human language and engage in intelligent conversations.

Moreover, with machine learning, they are able to learn from every single conversation they engage in and better recognize speech patterns and even feelings. They are constantly learning and becoming more intelligent.

Therefore, they can go way beyond pre-determined questions and answers, precisely because of NLP and machine learning. People can get any kind of assistance they need, and they will solve their issues in just a matter of minutes, since chatbots are capable of sifting through enormous amounts of data in seconds and providing just the right help.

SnatchBotchatbots save government agencies a lot of time, helping them improve their efficiency and focus on their core tasks. At the same time, they help government agencies forge strong relationships with citizens. Each and every citizen is provided with a fast service, since chatbots can multitask easily and effectively hold hundreds of conversations simultaneously, without leaving anyone hanging or putting them on hold.

This is undoubtedly convenient to citizens, who can also get assistance in their native language, since SnatchBotchatbots provide multilingual support. What they also provide is omni-channel support, which means that citizens can get in touch with their government institutions via their preferred channels, instead of having to visit a website and fill out forms, send emails or dial call centers.

With SnatchBot’somni-channel platform, they don’t have to leave their favourite messaging apps in order to request assistance concerning an issue.

How Are Governments Applying SnatchBot Bots?

There are plenty of ways government institutions can apply chatbots, because they really are incredibly advanced and not simple Q&A computer programs. Here are just a few applications of SnatchBot bots in the Government vertical that are completely transforming the way governments and citizens interact:

  • Providing citizens with access to public records (birth certificates, marriage licenses, property surveys, etc.).
  • Informing citizens of their rights.
  • Helping citizens with housing services.
  • Providing information and advice on non-emergency medical matters and potential public health concerns.
  • Informing citizens of every potential policy change.
  • Providing information regarding DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) offices – a bot can even issue parking permits and renew license plates.
  • Answering inquiries related to taxes.
  • Enabling civic engagement – chatbots can conduct polls and surveys, gathering direct citizen feedback, allowing citizens to voice opinions and engage in decision-making regarding various policies.

As you can see, chatbots can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of governments when it comes to their interactions with citizens. There are a lot more ways to implement them, but the aforementioned ones are certainly more than enough to compel government agencies to at least try these revolutionary computer programs.

If you are thinking about implementing a chatbot, I highly recommend you follow in the footsteps of a great number of agencies and brands and give SnatchBot a try.

Not only is it an omni-channel platform that has a superior NLP and is completely free of charge, but it also has a Bot Store with templates designed for various industries. You can choose a template designed for governments and build and deploy your own chatbot in a matter of minutes – for free.