It’s a downright understatement to say that GoPro has changed the way we capture video content. If you’d to handle equipment big enough to fill a room for capturing quality content back in the old days, you can do the same using a simple-enough carriage box now. It’s sad, though, that we cannot say the same about how you edit videos that you’ve captured using a GoPro device. There have been rumors about GoPro Studio (download GoPro Studio), but we don’t know when or if it will be available. And, there aren’t many powerful 4K video editors that do not eat your computer’s performance.

At least, that’s what we were thinking, until we came across VideoProc. Despite being a video processor tool in nature, there are a few things that make VideoProc the best way to edit 4k large footage from GoPro DJI iPhone and other cameras. In other words, VideoProc is the ultimate GoPro Studio alternative.

In this review, we will have more than an overview of VideoProc, the GoPro 4K video editor. We will be talking why VideoProc is the best way to edit 4K large video from your GoPro camera, especially when compared to those standard video editors you come across.

Hope this helps the thousands of content creators out there.

What Is VideoProc?

As we said, VideoProc is a dedicated video processor and editor for handling 4K content. That having said, it comes with a number of features that would help GoPro users. For instance, it’s a wonderful tool when you want to de-shake or stabilize GoPro 4K videos. This is something you would have done with GoPro Studio, you know. In the same way, you can use VideoProc for standard 4K editing needs as well.

VideoProc is available for both Windows and macOS. (Download VideoProc for free) While you need standard hardware for running this GoPro 4K video editor, the performance is a guarantee. Now that you have an idea about this tool, we shall see why VideoProc is the best solution you can grab today.

Why Is VideoProc the Best GoPro 4K video editor instead of Studio Alternative?

Let’s have a look at the features that make VideoProc the best solution for editing GoPro 4k footage. We’re writing based on our own experience as well as what other users saying.

  • Easy to Use User Interface

VideoProc is unlike the other 4K video editors you have seen. It packs an insane number of features, but the User Interface is something great. Even if you have zero ground-knowledge of 4K video editing, you will be able to easily navigate and get the 4K video editing job done. When you open VideoProc for the first time, you can decide whether you want to edit, convert, download videos or use some other utilities. It’s superb from every aspect.

  • Hardware Acceleration Makes Everything Fast

VideoProc is capable of handling 4k video really well even when bulkier applications fail. And we’re just going to thank hardware acceleration. VideoProc makes use of high-fidelity GPU acceleration, which helps the tool to handle high-quality video content with ease. This also means VideoProc can handle high-file-size videos and perform graphic-intensive tasks.

  • Powerful Large Video/4K Editing

We can consider the editing features in VideoProc into two: the standard features and the ones you will find especially helpful for GoPro, DJI iPhone 4K large video editing. Together, you can almost every kind of edits using VideoProc. The list includes cropping, splitting, merging, splicing and a lot more. On the bright side, you have access to good collection of filters as well.

  • Video Conversion and More

Do you know that VideoProc is also a powerful video converter? Well, it can help you convert content from any video format to something else. The best part? If you are unsure about the formats that work on your phone, VideoProc can make the wise suggestion, thanks to the powerful profiles. Long story short, you won’t have compatibility issues when you use VideoProc.

Getting Your Hands on VideoProc

Apparently, these are the wonderful features we have found in VideoProc. While you can find many of these features in other programs, a blend of all these is just awesome, like 4K video downloading, online video/game recording and DVD video conversion. It also happens to be the best DJI 4K video editing

So, what’s your take on VideoProc? Don’t you think it’s one of the superb 4K video editors out there? We’d found the features super-useful on any day, and having a GoPro makes things easier. 

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