Google Adwords is the affiliate-advertising platform used by people that wish to post adverts via Google. You may place text adverts on their search network, or multimedia adverts with the use of their display marketing options.

The Google Search Network

The search network involves putting text-only adverts onto the Google search engine results, with the exception of the Google Shopping adverts that may appear. Google does allow image adverts to appear on the same page as the search engine results if they come from the Google shopping index.

Google Display Marketing


Display marketing can be text, banners, videos and audio, and these appear on websites and social media sites that have Google Adsense installed. These adverts may vary in shape and size and may be videos or animated in some way. They can be highly targeted, but the whole process is more difficult when compared with search network adverts, especially when you consider how efficient query-level targeting is when you use Google Adwords tools and suggestions.

Text Adverts on the Search Engine Will Create More Clicks


Create a good text advert (for the search network) that has relevant text associated with targeted keywords, and you can guarantee a succession of clicks if your bid price is high enough. It can take as little as three minutes for you to start seeing clicks. Many consumers will check the first page of the Google search engine results for a solution to their query, and will glance at the affiliate adverts to see if they can find a solution there too. Most people will do this before flipping to the second page of Google. This is one of the reasons why text adverts see more clicks than display adverts.

Display Adverts Will Send More Ready-To-Buy Viewers

Assuming you have created a good and relevant display advert, and assuming you have targeted your consumer very well and have not underbid your click payment prices, it is fair to say that display adverts send more convertible and warm leads.

People often use text adverts on the search engines in the same way they use links on the search engine results. For example, if somebody is trying to find out what Creatine is, he or she will have no problem with clicking a text advert for it on the search engine results. On the other hand, if that person is on a website and sees a display advert for Creatine, he or she is less likely to click unless already interested in possibly purchasing the product. Display adverts also allow for far smarter marketing techniques, which are undoable with just text adverts.


In short, if you want plenty of cheap clicks, a simple setting up, and a simple advert creation process, then choose text adverts to be placed on the Google search network. If you want fewer clicks but warmer and more convertible leads, then opt for the more difficult to create, and more difficult to set up display advertising option.