Not many slot games are great when it comes to combining performance and features! In fact, it’s very hard to find a near-perfect slot game too, for obvious reasons. That having said, the case of Golden Sevens is very different and rather unique for a game from the genre. We came across this incredible game quite recently and we really liked it too. So, we decided to come up with a Golden Sevens review that would give enough information about the game to interested people out there. We will also try to cover some tips and insights that we got while playing this game.

Shall we start our review with a basic introduction to Golden Sevens and how you can get started with this popular slot game?

Golden Sevens — Thing You Should Know

Golden Sevens is an online slot game that is developed and offered by StarVegas. Accessing the game is quite an easy task, as you can simply visit and start your game. When compared to other online games that belong to the same category, Golden Sevens has a simple registration process. In just a few seconds, you can register an account, deposit some money and start playing the favorite thing you wanted. As far as getting started is concerned, Golden Sevens is just superb.

The game is accessible from both Desktop and Mobile devices. In both cases, the performance is equal, and you can count on the stability factor as well. Throughout the gameplay, Golden Sevens works perfectly fine, given that you have a stable internet connection too.

About the Gameplay

Just like the registration process, Golden Sevens won’t require much time to teach you the gameplay. Once you have registered and made the deposit, you can actually start playing the fruity game of slots. As you can see from the game interface, Golden Sevens is all about fruits and combinations. If you are someone familiar with slot games, you won’t have trouble getting used to the game; as the name says, there are seven types of fruits.

Although you cannot find many wild symbols and bonus symbols, Golden Sevens provides an interesting line of gameplay, also thanks to the flexible rules and regulations. For instance, when it comes to placing bets, it’s offering some level of freedom. You can choose a bet amount between €0.20 and whatever the account has at the time of spinning. Just like the other casino games, Golden Sevens doesn’t give the burdens of past games. Every session is new and impressive.

As far as the win lines go, there are 20. You have the freedom to choose the optimal number of lines before you start spinning.

The Bonus Options

Two major things are available in Golden Sevens as bonuses — Progressive Jackpot and Gambling Mode. The two methods will help you win more given your overall chances of winning. For instance, if we take the case of the Gambling mode, it appears after you’ve won the slot. By taking the 1:1 chance, you can gamble the total amount that you have won, which may be doubled or lost.

Golden Sevens comes with an Autoplay button as well. This is great if you are looking for an automated line of gameplay. By the by, it needs to be noted that when you make the first deposit at Golden Sevens, you have the chance to get up to €200 as a bonus. That’s something great to start your online slot games with — what do you think?

Summing Up

Conclusively, Golden Sevens is indeed a wonderful, easy-to-master online game you can try. It offers higher winning possibilities and restricted loss at the same time. We really liked the fruity background of the game, and the graphics too are good enough. That having said, we’d really recommend the bonus features like its Gamble Mode and Progressive Jackpot. So, make sure that you give it a try!