It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, polishing up the loose ends can make it have the impact you desire. In this modern world, looks really are everything. So, what your customers see of your business is what they really care about. It’s surprisingly easy to raise your professional status, without breaking the bank. Read on for some tips to give your business a drop of elegance.


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  • Your Website Domain

A good website domain has to be memorable. If you’re using a free domain given to you by your hosting company, it will have to go. Thankfully, domains are quite cheap, though. Ideally, you will either want a .com or a local address. If your business name is long, you should try to shrink it down to accommodate easy reading. Avoid using special characters in your domain; humans remember words, not symbols.

  • Your Phone Number

If you have a phone number displayed anywhere, it should be a business number. It looks horrendously cheap and easy to use a mobile or home phone for the job. You can lease the use of a business phone number, with a dialling code of your choice, using a system that works like a mobile phone contract.

  • Your Email Address

Similarly to your domain, you email address needs to be simple and easy to remember. Avoid using special characters, and don’t use your full name if it’s very long. Make sure that you setup your email address correctly, so that it has a proper signature and the right identifiers. If you don’t, all of the emails that you send will look unprofessional.


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  • Your Postal Address

Your postal address is only important if you give it out, and people have to mail you regularly. Instead of using your own address, you can pay to have your mail taken to a prime address, and then forwarded on to you. It’s easy to find a – registered office address, if you put in the effort. This sort of system works if you don’t want to give out your home address, as well.

  • Automate Everything

If your website is even vaguely interactive, you can probably automate at least some of it. Having an application built into your site is easier than you’d expect, and can improve the website to no end. To get a job like this done, it’s best to a hire a freelance worker. You’ll be able to set out a flat rate of pay for the job, and it’ll be cheaper than paying a company.

  • Your Customer Support

If you’re already running a business, maintaining your one to one customer support can be a challenge. But, you don’t have to. If you only need email and live chat support, you can pay another company to handle it for you. You just give them your policies, and they deal with the rest. You can outsource this work to different countries with ease, as emails and live chat don’t require a native English speaker.

Go out and give your business a well-deserved polish up, and you’ll really see the difference in your revenue.