What can you give someone who has everything apparently? Will your gift be totally useless for someone who “wants nothing”? It is extremely hard to shop for gifts for these significant people in your life but you can never risk not giving them one though, lest you come across as non-caring or worse, a cheapskate. You’re in a certain bind huh?

Let’s be honest. No one wants boring and useless gifts. Don’t get me wrong, but a beautiful, intricate box hiding a plain white handkerchief doesn’t sound too exciting for someone who had row upon row of unused handkerchiefs waiting to be used. There’s nothing wrong with giving simple, tried, and tested gifts as long as the receiver will certainly have a use for it, deriving pleasure from having to receive such. As a useful rule of thumb, a gift should be a balance between thoughtful and unique.

With a bevy of gift ideas in the market promising uniqueness and thoughtfulness, it’s hard to filter out what you really need. Finding the best gifts for every holiday does not need to be a struggle every time. Ranging from affordable to all-out spending ones, here are some unique gift ideas you may want to peruse the next time you really need to impress the recipient.

Food Gift Baskets

Considered as ideal gifting solutions because gift baskets come in different styles, varieties, quantity and of course, items. The possibilities are endless as one can always personalize and choose whatever you want to include in the basket. This gift idea is best for any kind of occasion and any kind of receiver. Need something to perk up a chocolate lover? A basket full of chocolate samplers will spell out H-E-A-V-E-N. How about the wine connoisseur who loves wine and cheese nights? Indulge them with wine and cheese baskets. And what to give to a picky nephew who only ever eats Skittles? Of course, a Skittle bouquet in a basket. There is no end to food gift basket varieties and the only thing you might have to think about is what set to gift.

Wine and chocolate have always been the perfect pairs. The VIP Wine Chocolate Gift Basket with Designer Wine Glasses by JetGiftBaskets.com is a perfect gift that oozes sophistication and elegance. Packed full of assorted gourmet chocolates and paired with a bottle of Premium Gourmet Cabernet Sauvignon, this basket will surely impress on any occasion. The designer wine glasses that come with the basket are perfect for that on-the-spot chocolate and wine night. No tinkering about in the kitchen for tumblers or ordinary wine glasses!

Yay? Get it here: VIP Wine Chocolate Gift Basket with Designer Wine Glasses

Indoor Putting Green

A man who has everything, including an exclusive golf club membership doesn’t need much. Well, if they don’t have the time to make it to their swanky golf courses, an indoor putting green is perfect. It’s a great tool for improving their game and it is also a great addition to a home office or to a man cave.

Five Year Keepsake Journal Set

For a loved one who likes to write, a journal is a perfect gift that will inspire creativity for a very long time. Maintaining a journal helps someone create order and de-stress. Gifting a journal reminds the recipient that the life they are living is beautiful and worth recording.

Breakfast Station

What to give a busy someone who is always on the go? A working mom or dad or even a student living in a dorm room is maybe too busy to even prepare breakfast for themselves or their loved ones (which might include you, so you win). Breakfast center stations are a dime a dozen but choosing one that churns out endless meal options and is also durable needs a little bit of research.

Face Cleaner

Here’s the thing, you know that close friend who loves makeup sets so much that you want to impress them by gifting another set? Yeah? Actually, don’t. Most of the time, she already bought that one set you are planning to buy. Unless you risk ruining a surprise and asking them outright what makeup they don’t currently have, it is better to assume they have it all. Here’s a better alternative, a cleaning device that will thoroughly clean her facial pores so she can have a fresh, clean canvas for her countless makeup sets.

Gift giving is an exciting way of telling someone that they are thought of, that they are special and most of all, that they are important to you. It is a special act and you can make it even more wonderful by adding special attention in choosing. The possibilities are endless out there, but the important thing is, these gifts, no matter what they are, should come with feelings of love and care.