Playing mobile bingo is a fun and potentially rewarding hobby that is becoming an increasingly popular leisure activity in the UK and abroad.  The game itself is very simple, and everyone must have encountered it at least once during their lifetime, but there are countless variations and styles available.

If you’re used to playing bingo in other ways, or if you normally use your mobile for other types of games, the  most difficult step will be choosing a provider and getting started.


The advantages of mobile bingo are:

  • It’s convenient – you can play almost anywhere, and at any time.
  • It’s discrete – no more yelling out “bingo” in a crowded room.
  • You don’t have to dress up for it – you can even play naked, depending on where you are.
  • No need to go out – if it’s bucketing with rain, you can still get your game on.
  • It’s a lot more fun and exciting than you may expect.
  • It’s low risk compared to other games of chance.
  • The cost per game is typically lower than most other games.
  • In bingo, it’s always possible to win – that doesn’t mean you will, but you can. 

Getting started in the world of mobile bingo need not be difficult.  One of the little known extras that has recently emerged is the concept of a bingo newbie room, which provides for websites that have the perfect space for beginners to learn the ropes before they take on seasoned professionals. 

Now, a few essential tips you should know before you dive in: 

  1. Always choose a provider which is licensed. This is really important because you need to be sure that the games you play are conducted fairly and with some official oversight. Without that, you really are gambling, because there’s no guarantee of fairness or that it’s even a legitimate game. 
  1. Make sure you have all the required identity documents scanned or photographed ready to send to the provider if they request them. Many players are caught by surprise when they find they can’t collect their winnings because they haven’t verified their identity according to the rules. Don’t be one of those players. 
  1. Find out what payment sources your service provider accepts. PayPal isn’t a very good method for funding any kind of online gambling account, however Skrill and Neteller are both widely accepted by many service providers.


  1. Any amount offered to you as a bonus is not really yours until you’ve wagered an amount at least equal to the amount of the bonus. Or at least that’s how it usually works. 
  1. It’s usually better not to apply for the bonuses if you have the option not to. The reason is that if you take bonuses, you may not be able to make withdrawals until you have met the attached wagering conditions. When you play only with your own money, it’s all yours already, so there won’t be conditions on it.