Most businesses would benefit from having a strong presence on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Here are just a few of the reasons why.


Your Humanize Your Business

Most people look at business as a cold, faceless, unemotional thing. They see a corporation. They don’t see the people who run it. By joining social media, you give your company a face and, more importantly, a personality.

It humanizes your company, giving it something that users can relate to. And, that’s only a good thing for business.

Marketing Is Easier

When you’re on social media, marketing becomes easier. You’re no longer pitching “cold” to prospects you bought from a mailing list broker. You can use promotional items and giveaways to “warm up” to your target market, and follow up with contest entrants online, directly.

For example, you could brand Ad Magic cards and use them in a giveaway or contest. Users who receive your promotional item will use something that’s practical, like playing cards, and will get periodic exposure to your brand every time they play a card game with friends and family.

You Get Higher Quality Traffic

Social media allows you to connect with people. Since you’re not total strangers, the leads that end up making their way to your website are of a higher quality. Even when they don’t buy, you have better engagement offsite. They’ve heard of your brand, they’ve interacted with you multiple times, and they will come to trust you.

You Can Connect Directly With Clients, and They With You

Social media gives you and your customers (as well as potential customers) a way to directly connect with one another. In addition, customers, and prospects, can see how your company interacts with others.

In a way, it provides social proof of your company and its customer service. What you say online, and how you represent your brand on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, will carry over to your company’s private corner of the Internet (your company’s website).

The Analytics Are Amazing

Facebook and LinkedIn, even Twitter, have gathered an amazing amount of data about users – data that users (for the most part) willingly give to these companies. That data is more thorough than what even Google has on its users.

Facebook’s demographics make its marketing platform a showstopper. You can target an audience of any age, income, by interests, and even by their association with other brands.

The Networking Opportunities Are Amazing

Business is all about networking, and there is just no better way to do it than through social media. The average Facebook user, for example, has 130 friends. Do you know what that means? It means that 1 friend turns into 130 potential referrals.

And, you don’t ever have to directly ask for a referral, as Facebook does a “soft intro” for you. How? When you post something that your fan “likes,” or shares, it’s an implicit endorsement. With enough “likes” and shares, your fan’s friends may become inspired to check out your business’s business page and “like” it.

Their friends then join your potential network. And, it keeps expanding, along with your business.