With the advent in technology and the age of internet upon us, internet marketing has quickly become the preferred means of advertising for everyone. Be it clothing brands, automobile companies or smartphone manufacturers everyone is now resorting to the internet to market their product considering 14% of the world population is on the internet. With so many people on the internet, internet marketing is getting more and more competitive and brilliant minds are coming up with new ways every now or so to advertise their product. One very effective way of marketing your product is email marketing and one software that lets you do that is GetResponse. So we decided to review GetResponse. Here’s the review:

What is GetResponse?


Like we said above, GetResponse is an email marketing tool. Wondering what email marketing is? To put it in simple words, email marketing is the process of sending emails to people to market your product or service and GetResponse lets you do that very effectively. Let’s have a look at some of the features GetResponse has to offer.



Email creator is perhaps the most prominent feature when we talk about any email marketing tool and when it comes to GetResponse, we were impressed. GetResponse email creator allows you to choose from over 500 templates based on your needs and liking. Not only that, GetResponse also allows you access to more than a 1000 images from iStock that you can use in your emails without having to worry about the royalty.


After you have sent emails to your targeted audience, the next step in email marketing would be to design a landing page. With GetResponse, you can create a landing page in just under 10 minutes. More than a 100 landing page templates are always available at your disposal for you to choose from. You can also choose from a 1000 pictures to add to your landing page. GetResponse also comes with a built-in photo editor that allows you to edit the photos in the tool itself rather than having to do it in a separate editor, saving you time and efforts. The landing page builder also optimizes the pages according to the device they’re being viewed on, be it smartphones, tablets or computers.


With GetResponse’s social media integration feature, email marketing will no longer just be limited to emails. Incorporate social media sharing buttons in emails such as the share button on Facebook and the Twitter tweet button to have a far spread reach. This feature also allows you to enable instant tweets and Facebook updates of your newly published newsletters.


Your job is not over once you send the emails and direct people to your landing page. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the real job starts from there. Analyzing the result is a very important part in email marketing. With GetResponse’s real time analytics, you can view and analyze various important parameters. ROI, email conversion rate, open rate are some parameters that are accessible using GetResponse’s real time analyzer. However, that is not all. You also get details such as what devices are being used to view the emails, how many people click on the links in emails, what is the location of people clicking on this link and much more. GetResponse combines these statistics with Google analytics to present them in a better way.



GetResponse has various schemes depending on your needs. It can be yours for as low as $15 a month. This pack is mainly for beginners, allowing a contact list of up to 1000 names and accessible to just 1 user. For people who are already familiar to email marketing, you have the “Pro” pack with 5000 contact list size and 3 user accessible for $49 a month. For marketing professionals with advanced needs, the “Max” pack with a contact list size of 10,000 and 5 users can be bought for $165 a month. The “Enterprise” pack with more than 100,000 contacts in the list and up to 10 user accessible can be bought for $799 a month.



With all the features listed above and many more, GetResponse sure is an email marketing tool that we suggest you should try if you are looking for one. The easy to use tool with tutorials and guides makes is the right choice for new users. At the same time, the features together also make it the right tool for all the marketing professionals. That paired with flexible payment options make GetResponse a must try for all email marketers out there.