We all are aware of how important promotion and branding is for a business, not only new ones but also for the well established ones. There is huge competition these days and the only way to tackle it is to create a good brand image in the minds of your target customers. However, SMBs and startups find it difficult to spend much money on marketing since they are usually bootstrapping. For all those who want to go super lean on marketing and still create maximum impact in front of customers, GetResponse is the best online marketing tool you can use.

Get response

About GetResponse

GetResponse provides you an all inclusive solution which includes everything from email marketing tool to a powerful online marketing platform. The company has been working since many years to provide its customers the best marketing tool. Since its days of initiation, the company has significantly improved its tool to enhance the services. The tool is trusted by more than 350,000 happy customers because of the availability of some amazing features.

Features that make GetResponse Tool Worthy

There are numerous features that make GetResponse a must have tool for every marketer. Let’s have look at the most awesome ones.

Marketing Automation

The Marketing Automation feature is newly included in the GetResponse tool and is said to be a game changer. Imagine having your complete marketing workflow organized and automated, how easy and fast that would be. The blocks that you see, you just need to rearrange and mention what needs to be done, GetResponse will take care of all of it.

Marketing Automation

Reaching your marketing goals to reach an all new level has been made easy and it can be done by automating your marketing objectives.

marketing objectives

You will notice that the complete interface is based on a drag to drop model so it can’t get any easier. No matter how complex a marketing campaign is, it can be easily created using this tool. Doing eCommerce also gets a lot easier with website trackers, address cart abandoners, purchase tracking and much more.

Email Marketing

The first tool that GetResponse had in it was the email marketing tool. Email is still one of the most used communication methods on the internet and it can’t be ignored while arranging a marketing campaign. There are a range of different templates available with more than 600 already designed responsive templates. Creating newsletters have now come down to just a simple drag and drop operation.

Email Marketing

There is a spam checker tool already included in the email marketing tool. It helps you check for spam words and suggest replacement for those words. If you want, you can also integrate Google Analytics to track how well your campaign is doing. The contacts list as well as all the reports can be downloaded.

spam checker tool

Landing Page Creator

Creating an effective landing page can result in thousands of visitors and thus a huge number of conversions. GetResponse helps you design a landing page within no time that is made keeping in mind the call to action you want to promote. More than 100 landing page templates are available and the best part is this can be done through drag and drop as well. It also supports A/B testing so you can carry out that as well.

Landing Page Creator

AutoResponder 2.0

Autoresponder takes a lot of load off your shoulders. It automatically greets a new subscriber or a user with a warm welcome note. This is great because all the new users will be greeted in a nice way. As soon as the user joins your subscribing list, the AutoResponder 2.0 will do its job of sending an email.

AutoResponder 2.0

Webinar Tool

These days, a lot can happen over a good webinar which is exactly what the GetResponse’s webinar tool provides. You can have a nice group chat with your clients or customers to improve your business. There are numerous templates for your webinar page and you can even customize the URL which you will be sharing. You can protect it with a password in case if you are planning to share the link openly.

Webinar Tool

Some additional features that the tool provides include the ability to record it up to 2 hours and share it socially. Also the tool is so fast that you can schedule a webinar in just 3 minutes without any hassles.

Some additional features

Why Choose GetResponse for your Business?

With so many features that would help you in marketing better, ease of use and automation are some of the things for which people choose GetResponse. To know why you must choose it, know the below points.

  • Ease of Use/Simplicity: Any tool that exists in the digital world must be easy to use. GetResponse offers a seamless user friendly interface which helps you in navigating through your dashboard and executing easily. You can also seek help in using the tool through its FAQ page and the extensive learning center.

ease of Use

  • Pricing:Pricing is one of the factors that attract most of its customers. Since it is targeted for SMEs there is no point in keeping the prices high. There are flexible plans which start from $15 and goes as high as $799. All these plans come with the features that you won’t get with any other marketing tool.


  • All in One Tool:There are many tools on the internet used for marketing purposes but we were yet to get a complete set which included all of them. GetResponse does that job quite conveniently. You will get tools like landing page creator, email marketing tool, webinar tool, the autoresponder all packed into GetResponse. This single tool is enough to carry out even the largest marketing campaigns.

What makes GetResponse ideal for SMEs?

Although the tool is perfect for all kinds of businesses no matter how small or big, it is ideal for small and medium enterprises. The tools such as the landing page creator and the email marketing can rake in a lot of customers with little efforts. Doing it without GetResponse is quite difficult and thus, it is loved by SMEs. Marketing automation in the tool helps the staff focus more on the product than waste time on something which can be done automatically.

The Conclusion

With hordes of useful features and being so easy to use, it has become the go to tools for marketers around the world. There is no other tool that works in the same way and provides you a fully fledged solution for marketing. Just try it once and you can never imagine marketing your product without GetResponse again.