It takes a good deal of creativity to create an online marketing message that really resonates with the business. It takes an eye for opportunity and the right talent. But it can be as much of a science as it is an art. In particular, understanding the science of good marketing is going to help eliminate a lot of the mistakes that might be holding your campaigns down.

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Customer experience comes first

It’s a big problem with new marketing teams. You’ve identified a core of the brand and you’re excited to get a message out there because it speaks to the heart of the business and it’s exactly what you want to say. But it’s not what the customer wants to hear. If you’re not thinking about the value of the message to the target market first and whether or not it will engage them, it doesn’t matter how clever your message is. It’s not the one that the right people want to hear so the right people won’t hear it. Always start brainstorming sessions off by asking what the customer wants to see.

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Make sure you have some impact

There are a lot of tools to qualify just how much potential a marketing push has nowadays. As Clicteq demonstrates, you can use tools with PPC that can tell you how much it will cost to get more visibility depending on what keywords you use. There are also tools you can get to halt campaigns you’re paying for when, for instance, your site isn’t working and the ad would lead to nowhere, or if there are corrections in the text you need to make. If anything throws off your campaign, you need to be able to fix it before it goes live again.

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Consistency is key

You likely want to keep building on your leads, so you’re going to want to have a consistent pace in your marketing. However, it’s essential for another reason. Customers need to see that your business is always up-and-running. It can’t look like you have slow periods. Of course, you can’t work on populating social media with new content all day. Instead, as Mashable suggests, automate some of it. So long as the content is good, scheduling a post to launch ahead of time doesn’t make it any less potentially personal. To the viewer, it looks like it has been posted live.

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Not covering every step of the way

There is no single marketing technique that will solve it all for you. Nor do they work independently. They work in a funnel, known as the conversion funnel, that you should get to understand. From getting spotted to building interest right up to the purchase. Make sure that you have the right content for every step of the funnel.

Naturally, to go with the points above, you’re going to need some of that creativity mentioned. Besides finding what works and what doesn’t for what reason, you need fresh content and interesting new angles to send a message the customer can’t ignore and have never heard before. Just don’t let that creativity lead you to ignore the tips you’ve learned.