Instagram followership hasn’t been a primary metric for Instagram marketing for a long time. Followers and likes are just vanity metrics that flatter the ego but don’t have a direct influence on your revenue and clientele. Yet, followership, mainly if it consists of real, genuine, and target buyer personas can significantly increase your engagement rate and ranking on Instagram, thus making your profile visible to other people with similar interests. 

If growing of the followership is not a significant objective in your Instagram marketing strategy, you still need to know how to get and develop this asset to bring more traffic to your website, increase conversions, leads and finally, sales. 

Here where Instagram marketing solutions like Combin Growth are proving to be really helpful. 

What is Combin Growth 

Combin Growth is a desktop tool for Instagram marketing. With the app, you can find your target audience, interact with it with automated actions, analyse your performance insights, manage your Instagram profile and build a loyal community around your brand. 

Combin Growth enables you to promote your Instagram account safely and organically by engaging with other users and their content, following them in bulk, commenting on their posts, and liking them. Using this app, you will drastically reduce your cost per acquisition and attract real relevant people, not bots or ghost followers. Machine learning analysis lets you be sure that the audience you’re attracting relevant users who will interact with your profile, not stores, celebrities or giveaway scum. 

The app is available for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. 

How Can You Get More Instagram Followers With Combin Growth 

. You Can Your Target Audience And Influencers With Advanced Searching And Targeting Capabilities Of The App.

Combin Growth allows you to search for a target audience with two main strategies: searching for posts and for users. 

When you search by posts, you can find content by relevant hashtags, locations and posts of a particular user entering their Instagram username. There you can also set up the required time frame within which the content should have been posted. Setting up the like and comments count under posts are also available. 

Searching by users, you can find followers, followings, commenters, and likers of a particular Instagrammer. You only need to enter a username of your competitor or any other Instagram user whose audience you want to reach. You can also search for users by their bio, entering the keywords into the searching field. Searching for several users at a time is also possible; you just need to pick the Users List option and enter multiple usernames separated by space. 

Both searching for posts and users, you can set up advanced filters and analysis and pick up the required gender, language, followers’ and followings’ count. If it’s important to you if a user was active recently, you could switch on a filter ‘User had to be active last week’. 

. You Can Interact With Posts And Users You’ve Found. 

Once you have search results based on your criteria, you can start engaging with them. You can follow users as well as comment on and like their posts thus drawing their attention. You can perform these actions in bulk and schedule these tasks to be taken throughout the day. 

All these actions are taken by Combin Growth automatically and according with Instagram hourly and daily limits. 

To make sure you’re interacting with only high-quality accounts, you can sort the search results by the number of their likes, comments, followers, followings, posts count of a user, date posted, follow ratio, virality and engagement rate. 

You can also hide irrelevant users in the Filters tab. 

. You Can Track Your Performance. 

Marketing is nothing without tracking the results of your actions, and Instagram marketing is not an exception. With Combin Growth, you can head to the tab Stats and find all the recent information on how good you’re doing. 

The upper tab shows changes in your followers, likes and comments tabs and the lower tab displays the actions you’ve taken within Combin Growth – how many likes, comments you’ve left and how many users you’ve followed. 

. You Can Unfollow Users Who Don’t Follow You Back In Bulk. 

If you follow someone hoping they follow you back and they don’t, you can in-bulk unfollow them with Combin Growth. To do so, head to your Users tab and pick Not Followers. Then just select some of the users or all of them and tap the Unfollow. All the users you’ve selected will be mass unfollowed. 

Who is Combin Growth Useful for 

Since Combin Growth is an Instagram marketing solution, the app will be handy and helpful for small and medium-sized businesses, social media managers, influencers, freelancers and anyone who uses Instagram as a platform to make money. 

Whether you have an online store, personal blog, online consultations, photo studio, or an IT startup, Combin Growth is the right tool for you. 

So if you want to garner more Instagram followers and grow your business on the platform quickly and organically, try the Combin Growth tool for free. And to make your experience even better, give a shot to Combin Scheduler, an Instagram content planning solution.