Social media is the ultimate marketing tool. It’s an effective way to advertise your client without having to spend an absolute fortune. You can open up your audience by inserting a few extra hashtags. And you can have instant communication with your customers, who can like, share and comment on anything you put forward.

So, if you want your client to get more customers, you have to move your campaign efforts to Instagram.

Instagram Is The App To Use

Instagram is arguably the most popular social media app out there. The engagement levels rival a behemoth like Facebook — although that’s no loss to Facebook Inc. since it currently owns Instagram. It has over one billion monthly users, with the majority of users logging in daily.

Other apps seem to have lost their shine to younger people, but Instagram is an exception. According to a survey from Business Insider, 65% of Generation Z checks the app on a daily basis. Only 34% checks Facebook, 23% checks Twitter, and 8% checks Tumblr at the same rate.

What Should You Do to Get More Customers?

Track Your Progress

You won’t know if your marketing campaign is working or not if you’re not keeping track of it. That’s why you should take advantage of a resource like Morphio — this is a lightweight enterprise software that offers automated reporting and analysis of online metrics. You can use it to track KPIs across multiple platforms, including social media accounts. That way, you keep an eye on your campaign and see how well it’s performing.

Get Attention With Creative Posts

Sometimes it’s not enough to post a simple photo. You need to think outside of the box!

Use Giant Square to make a massive portrait of a photo by separating it into three, six or nine individual photos. It turns your feed into a fun puzzle. 

Put together a short slideshow. This is great for showing the progression of an event, like the step-by-step process of makeup application or a baking recipe. At the beginning of the slideshow, there are just ingredients, and by the end of it, you get to see the amazing finished product. 

Catch a customer’s eye with a Boomerang video — this is a short video of up to twenty frames that loops back and forth. It’s an excellent way to capture an exciting moment and draw users toward your feed.

Use Stories For Micro-Sales

An Instagram Story is supposed to flash across the screen in a few seconds and then disappear. It’s the perfect place to share opportunities that will only last a day — promo codes, micro-sales, contests and other special offers. These quick and “secret” updates will encourage loyal customers to keep a close eye on the brand. It will also entice more users to follow the account.

At this point, not having an Instagram account feels like a rookie move. You need to make sure your client isn’t missing out on such a massive audience. The account could dramatically increase their overall online performance, along with their number of customers.