How can the key finder app help you in the era of covid 19? There is a simple explanation for this:

The world is going through a tough test. Since the beginning of last year, our lives have been passing with the covid 19 pandemics. Our daily life, our work, our children’s school, everything is under the negative effects of the pandemic. Some of us are depressed, some of us have lost our jobs, the children are stunned by the opening and closing of the schools. Homeschooling can put many children under more stress. The number of children and young people with a falling school success rate is not at all. Many countries are doing lockdowns, trying to get back to normal, and having to do lockdowns again with increasing patient numbers. As a natural consequence of these negative effects, there is a common situation that millions of people experience: forgetfulness. Under normal conditions, memory slows down a little in every person after middle age. However, children and young people can now be affected by the situation in the world. Fear of pandemics is in our subconscious.

Concentration disorders and forgetfulness are extremely normal in our subconscious atmosphere created by the constant pandemic. We can easily forget or lose our appointments, keys, bags, and other things. Searching for a lost item can also be extremely frustrating. It also becomes expensive when you have to replace it.

Thanksgiving is soon and Christmas is coming. And again, under the influence of the pandemic, we will have Thanksgiving and then a Christmas holiday in December. Families will try to keep the young children’s spirits high with delicious snacks and gifts as much as possible. We will try to forget a few of our fears and worries with a small family celebration. We will be thankful that our lovers are healthy with us. When we give each other gifts on these holy days, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have these gifts functional? For example, how would you like to present a key finder against the forgetfulness problem experienced by one or more people in each family?

With the key finder and the key finder app that you can download and connect to your phone, you can protect not only your keys but also your other items such as bags, files, suitcases, and even your pet from getting lost. Wouldn’t it be nice that your life becomes easier in this depressing period with a tiny tool that does a lot of work?

It is our most natural right to benefit from the good aspects of technology in order to make our lives easier. And what could be better than sharing an affordable and functional technical convenience like a key finder app with our loved ones? You can attach the key finder to your items or pet collar you don’t want to forget like a tiny keyring. It is extremely easy to use with the Bluetooth feature on the phone. People of all ages can learn to use it. You can order the key finder online so you don’t have to look for it during lockdown or isolation.

There are a few more measures you can take against forgetfulness:

  • Taking long walks outdoors
  • Relaxing the mind and body with yoga exercises
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Including foods such as omega3, walnuts, and hazelnuts in your diet
  • Notting down what you shouldn’t forget
  • Always putting your things in the same places. So you don’t forget their location.

10 more suggestions to keep the memory alive:

  • Do not use a calculator, do your calculations manually.
  • Memorize poems or lyrics. Read the book and try to explain the subject.
  • Try to memorize phone numbers.
  • Play card games and brain teasers.
  • Make connections between dissimilar objects.
  • Solve crossword puzzles.
  • Reduce your cell phone conversations. Even delete unhelpful apps and prevent any alerts from coming to your phone. Receiving too many messages is overwhelming your brain.
  • Avoid fatty foods.
  • Do not drink excessive alcohol.
  • Do not smoke and exercise regularly

If your forgetfulness problem does not improve despite all the precautions you take, it is useful to consult a specialist. For memory impairment or other problems with covid 19 in children, you can contact school psychologists.