A loan is easy to get unless you have a good credit history or a good repayment method. The best way to get a loan is to go in for our system of buddy loans. Buddy loans? What’s that? It’s simple. You get a trusted member of you family or friends to be a guarantor. So, they are also called guarantor loans.

A guarantor is a person who knows you and will assure us that you will pay back the loan you take from us. It is an old-fashioned way of giving loans. In the older days loans were given on trust and references. Now, we are using this to help those who can show the capacity to repay the loan in spite of a bad credit history. This is helped by those who can give you a reference.

Whether it is a friend or a family member, you can avail of our loans as our system of loans is based on loans with guarantor. We don’t even require collateral from you. We give buddy loans on the basis of which you are your current income generation capacity and mostly on referrals. We give quick loans and the money is in your account within 24 hours.

When you apply for a loan and choose a guarantor, the best option is to first discuss the application in detail with the guarantor. The guarantor must understand what kind of a loan you are applying for and in what capacity he is required to help you. While you may not want to divulge the detailed nature of your circumstances with the guarantor, it is always a good idea to discuss the issues with the guarantor.

Your guarantor must understand that should you fail to make payments, the guarantor would be liable. They have to ensure that you are available to them and that you make payments. If in any case they can’t make those payments that the guarantor will have to make those payments. When we accept your application, we put you through some checks. The guarantor will also go through the same checks as you. Once approved, the loan amount gets credited very quickly. Our process is painless and quick.

The process after completion of your application is simple. Our executives call you and your guarantor at a time convenient to you. They discuss the application and its details with you and your guarantor before we sign off on your application. Once the application has been approved, we will credit your loan. If the reason for your loan is paying off creditors, then we send the money directly to your creditors accounts. Or we will credit the money to your guarantor’s account who will subsequently credit it to your account. The repayment is also very simple. We ask for monthly repayments. You can set your own dates when we can collect the cheques from you. Or we will directly debit your account.

Our process is very simple and hassle-free. We give quick approval to loans and money disbursement is also equally quick.